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I’m not sure if Grimoire of Zero is trying to make the series worse than it already was or better than it has ever been. Does that sound crazy? Because it is. The first half was weird in a bad way with the second half delivering AT LAST some magic action that, let’s face it, it could have been better. What saved the day was once again the lovable protagonists.

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Japanese Title: ゼロの魔術師団


For having a city full of dead people, the first half was actually dead boring. The info dump was not that interesting to be honest and the way the characters reacted to the village full of disintegrated witches and slaughtered rogues was a bit off. The dialogues were a bit off, the animation was a bit off, the transition from one scene to the next was also a bit off.

And the reveal of the major villain that Thirteen is supposed to be was a bit off as well. Thirteen’s motive is still unclear and as foggy as his bad feelings towards Zero. What couldn’t pass to me through their dialogue, however, was made more than clear as soon as they started exchanging spells. AT LAST, some magic in a show that is all about it. Even though their ‘my magic is stronger than yours’ beams relate more to Dragon Ball fights than it does to magic. I just hope that we get some backstory on Thirteen because the last thing we need is a lame antagonist.

The backstory of how Thirteen started his attack on the village was so bad that I had to keep myself from face palming. The King has no aura of authority; the quarrel between the general and the what-the-frak-is-he moustache minister felt out of place; the ‘in exchange for’ moment between the King and Thirteen was uneventful. And I don’t even want to start on the dog that looked behind on its way to the children or the generic old bartender dying in Albus hands. I couldn’t care less.

The best scene of the episode was Mercenary’s flashback. His bloodthirsty massacre after being tricked into walking in enemy camp was, unlike the rest of the episode, full of emotion. He almost felt intiger (from inhuman, sorry about that) as he made his way on top of the hill, leaving behind him a trail of bodies. The lack of animation actually made the scene more interesting.

The Black Beast of Death

Episode Highlights

Captain Planet Moment: I know that I shouldn’t make the same comparison each time. There are many titles out there that employ the Four Elements trope, but forgive me. You can name it Pokemon moment or Avatar moment or whatever moment. Yet, where was 

Water Magic? If my element knowledge is up-to-date, and counting out silly things like metal and darkness, we saw fire, earth, stone, and wind. Where was water and ice?

It’s how you use magic that matters

I’ll Protect You: I am not into shipping, but I wonder if the show is going to make ac ouple out of Zero and Mercenary. It certainly looks like it.

Themes & Trivia

With great power…: Cliché but always revelant, the notion that with great power comes great responsibility was first uttered in these exact words by the late uncle of a beloved superhero, but the theme is universal and can be found in various popular culture titles. Power in its own is neutral. Power doesn’t care about good or evil. Like the universe, nature, and probably your morning hair, power is oblivious to moral decisions. People on the other hand can be either kind or cruel. That’s where the responsibility part comes into play.

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Magic can’t bring the dead to life


I don’t know how many times I’ve already said that Grimoire of Zero is a peculiar show. On one hand, it seems ridden with a disconnecting plot that has too many info dumbs and still doesn’t know where it’s headed at. On the other hand, though, the chemistry between the protagonists and the very good voice acting is giving us some amazingly cute scenes. I believe that we haven’t seen the best of the series yet.

Thirteen, you traitor!

I’m not sure if Mercenary is walking in to save the day or meet his death. Yet, this is the kind of cliffhanger the episode decided to leave us with and that’s what we have to wait for until next week. Will Mercenary manage to stop the magic battle from tearing down the building they are in?

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NEXT TIME: Thirteen (十三番)

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