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The easiest way to gain some electric darners is to just buy them. Head to Riverside Stable (via Wahgo Katta shrine) and check with Beedle. He will have a few electric darners for sale in ~ 10 rupees each.

Where to discover electric darners

If you don’t want store-bought dragonflies, there space a couple places whereby you can find electric darners — Gerudo Desert and also Tabantha Tundra. The trouble with these areas is that it seldom rains — and also electric darners only appear in the rain.

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there’s one place, though, wherein you’re all yet guaranteed to find some — Hyrule Ridge. Take trip to Shae Loya shrine and Tabantha Stable. Stay at the inn or sit in ~ the food preparation fire until it rains — it’s basically Seattle here, so you shouldn’t have to wait long. Head to the east and also start looking around the small ponds ~ above the plains.

The included bonus of capturing them here is the large number of various other critters you’ll find. There space thunderwing butterflies plus tireless and hot-footed frogs all over. You’ll also come across a bunch of hearty radishes.

How to catch them

OK, you currently know exactly how to catch them — you just walk up and also grab them. But there are a couple things you deserve to do to do the process easier.

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Wear the stealth set or take a sneaky elixir. Every one of Breath that the Wild’s critters are skittish, so gift sneaky will assist you conference them.

take it a photo (it’ll last longer). Use your camera rune to get a an excellent closeup the the an initial electric darner you see, then gain your sheikah sensor to monitor them.