with this guide, we"ll help you gain through the Daqo Chisay Shrine in the Gerudo Desert and also claim your heart Orb.

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Dungeon crawling is just one of the enduring mainstays of The Legend of Zelda series. Because that years we thought that friend couldn"t have actually a Zelda game without having a collection of fun, complicated dungeons; they to be the highlight of the franchise. Then, Breath that the Wild arrived.

Breath that the Wild fully changed the Zelda formula by forgoing the dungeons, rather including 4 pseudo-dungeons in the type of the four magnificent Beasts, i m sorry play much more like big puzzle rooms than actual dungeons, and a entirety lot that Shrines, a type of mini-dungeon the will scrape your dungeon crawler itch.

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There space 120 shrines spread out throughout Hyrule because that you to find and also complete. Every shrine you complete will network you a soul Orb and also once you have actually at least four Spirit Orbs, you deserve to use them to receive a heart Container and increase your wellness or you might increase her stamina wheel slightly.

With this guide, we"ll assist you obtain through the Daqo Chisay Shrine in the Gerudo Desert and claim your heart Orb.

It have to go without saying however the first thing you"re going to must do is actually discover the shrine. The temples aren"t initially significant on her map, you have to go out and explore Hyrule to find them. Thankfully, the Daqo Chisay shrine is really easy to find as that sits straight next come the entrance to Gerudo Town.

You require to acquire to Gerudo city as part of the story anyway, so there"s no method you"d miss out on the shrine on her playthrough. But just because it"s easy to find, that doesn"t median it"s basic to gain to. To get to Gerudo town you have to cross the Gerudo Desert, which you can obtain to by acquisition the southwest course from the Gerudo Canyon stable in the Wasteland an ar of the map.

cross the desert can be dangerous if you"re not appropriately prepared. If you"re crossing the desert throughout the day, make sure you have actually some heat resistant equipment or food the grants warmth resistance. But if you"re travelling at night, you"ll require cold resistance equipment or food. If friend don"t have actually anything to help battle the elements, be certain to pick up some provides from the steady or chef some meals that provide resistance.

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Once you"ve reached the entrance to Gerudo Desert, you"ll have a lengthy trek ahead of you, also with a horse. Luckily, there"s just one significant path on her map leading to Gerudo city so there"s no worry around getting lost. Just follow the path. About halfway to Gerudo Town, you"ll come across the Kara Kara Bazaar, a nice tiny oasis where you can rest or restock.

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Continue on and you"ll soon see Gerudo Town appear in the distance, and the Daqo Chisay shrine just to the right of the town"s entrance. Over there aren"t any kind of puzzles or pursuits you need to do to accessibility the shrine, so simply dive best in.