Here's how to finish the Chaas Qeta Shrine in Zelda Breath that the Wild, and also overcoming the major Test the Strength.

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Updated ~ above 5 might 2020

Just southern of Hateno town in The Legend of Zelda: Breath the the Wild, friend can uncover a Shrine ~ above a small island the end to sea. In this Breath that the Wild Chaas Qeta Shrine guide, we"ll be guiding you through this specific Shrine in Hyrule as quickly as possible.

Breath the the Wild Chaas Qeta Shrine Walkthrough

Sail a raft native Hateno coast to the Shrine
He can look funny, but he"s deadly!Once you"re confront to confront with the psychological robot combat is all around avoiding melee attacks (these are really powerful) through dodging and also ideally initiating flurry attacks, striking with a disabling attack (ice arrowhead or electrical power weapon) then switching to an old weapon come deal part damage. Repeat this as much as possible and hide behind pillars when the enemy retreats to do a running spin attack. Once it crouches down and starts rotate a leash you can fire arrows from street to disable it.It"s precious stressing how crucial it is to have a solid inventory of ancient weapons. If you go in with just one it will certainly break well prior to the adversary is finished off and also you"ll most likely die while trying come grind down its wellness using various other weapons. Share up top top the an excellent stuff prior to you start the fight.The final room houses a chest that offers Climbing Gear, granting link increased climb speed. Continue to the end and also claim your heart Orb.

If you"re struggling if roaming about Hyrule you could want to consult our exactly how to kill Guardians overview or learn just how to respec Link"s health and stamina.

That"s every we have actually on this subject, but worry not as there"s plenty much more Breath that the Wild content right below on USG. An initial off, there"s this news story top top Twitch theatre beating its first Guardian. After ~ that, be certain to head end to our write-up the the amazing Wind Waker easter egg surprise in the game.

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