Zach Callison is well-known by part as the voice actor for the 14-year-old title character Steven, ~ above Cartoon Network’s hit tv show, Steven Universe. The display is wonderful with how it handles its mature issue as the blends into easy to digest episodes and also musical numbers that even youngsters can follow. Indigenous behind A snapshot Perfect Hollywood Heartbreak’s sound booth procedures out Zach Callison, not only revealing the challenge behind the voice to the childhood TV hero however giving a glimpse as to who the real Zach Callison could be. A snapshot Perfect Hollywood Heartbreak is a concept album and dramatized story the a real-life failed relationship Zach Callison endured. Even though we might not know who his shed love is, she is referred to as Juanita in this story. Throughout the album Callison blends a few different music styles to take you through his breakup suffer emulating emotions v sound.

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Opening track “Phantom Love” seems to take ar days after the fictionalized breakup. Callison sings a soulful tune of a man handling his recent loss and also then switches to more of a hip-hop style halfway through. This provides the interpretation of unfiltered emotionally thoughts shoot off through his mind.

The album artistically division up each tune with different interludes giving an ext context come the civilization of his breakup and also provides a deeper story-line come the characters. With “Interlude i – Frantically”, you gain to hear a roast monitor of Callison’s back-up singers depicting Juanita’s friends together they shit-talk ~ above Callison and also gossip how negative of human he is.


The 2nd song on the album is “She don’t Know”, where we obtain Callison hitting rock-bottom trying to find any type of coping system he can to gain over his breakup. The chorus, “There ain’t no medicine in the human being like loving you, cocaine and also cigarettes will have to do”, shows a man who doesn’t recognize what to execute with himself now that his love is gone. Here, we can see that Callison is fighting for any type of kind of immediate gratification he can acquire his hand on.

Next, “Interlude II – Christie just Knows”, find Callison crying the end for aid to mutual friend Christie. Still dealing with his coping methods, that tries to acquire some pleasure from the high of an 8-ball and also whatever various other comfort he have the right to derive native his fans on the silver- screen.

The third song “Nightmare” switches ago over come a an ext hip-hop style and also puts united state in the mental of Zach singing in the 3rd person. His mental is running approximately in circles and also losing who his true self is together this breakup transforms him, so lot so the his own mind doesn’t even recognize his self.

With “Interlude III – 2nd Thoughts”, over there is a extension to the previous track “Nightmare,” and it provides a couple of critical thoughts top top this rollercoaster the emotions he’s going through.

By the fourth song dubbed “Curtain Call”, Callison is looking for a way out the the pain and moving into a different emotional state. The realizes the his rage at the instance can no much longer be contained and he will perform what he requirements to acquire passed this heartbreak.

The critical interlude, “Interlude IV – Showtime”, features Grace Rolek together the personality Christie. Callison’s fury is finally winning and also Christie realizes just how much Zach has changed. We additionally learn the Juanita leaving has been plaguing Zach for years and he is trying to find revenge top top her.


The last song and lead solitary “War” is the release your mind has been waiting for throughout this whole album. V such dark subject matter and also tumultuous lyrics up until this point, “War” ultimately sees Callison breaking totally free and just unleashes a fun and upbeat pop rock song that will acquire you singing and also dancing. The content of the track itself sees Callison walk a little bit crazy realizing that the true method to to win Juanita is to simply do better than her in life and also the music industry.

Once you have actually finished A snapshot Perfect Hollywood Heartbreak, your view of Zach Callison might be a little skewed favor mine turned out to be. Once you pay close attention to the topic matter and also the lyrics, it is a debut album girlfriend would have never intended from this musician. Hiding some of the dark themes are more upbeat instrumentals and also some an intricate keyboard work by Callison himself. It simply goes to show that a public persona can hide a lot damaged person and also Callison wanted to try and display parts of his real self through this album.

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Even after the initial listen, I found myself currently singing together with the songs. Ns have even had the pleasure of seeing Callison carry out live and his stage presence helps keep the tracks lively and fun. Ns am an extremely curious to view what else he has actually in keep for us with any kind of future releases. Because that now, we have A snapshot Perfect Hollywood teen to live through as Callison did when Juanita damaged his heart.



Track listing:

1. Phantom Love 2. Interlude i – Frantically 3. She Don’t recognize 4. Interlude II – Christie only Knows 5. Nightmare 6. Interlude III – 2nd Thoughts 7. Curtain contact 8. Interlude IV – Showtime 9. War