Fujihashi Ryo enjoys her job as one office worker well enough, however it doesn’t host a candle come the interesting job of she childhood girlfriend Mizuno Souma, that works together a fireman. He and his handsome buddies are an ext than happy to game ladies v their heroic tales. Ryo wants to set up Souma through a girl in her office, but he’s too lot of a playboy to work out down…or so she thinks. It turns out that he has actually the hots forher,and as soon as he rescues her from a fire in she building, a different kind the spark starts to fly!

A mrs reunites v her an initial love in ~ a class reunion. She discovers the Kujou has actually taken end his family"s temple as a priest. The woman assumed that priests did not have actually romantic relationships, however a enthusiasm ignites between the two. She wonders if what she and the priest perform is really right.

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TagsJoseiRomanceAdult CouplesMature RomanceShort EpisodesSmutExplicit SexMature Themes25-sai no JoshikouseiTV (12 eps x 6 min)Lyrics2018

Hana Natori is an earnest, good-natured 25-year-old mrs whose cousin refuses to go to high school. Hana takes she cousin"s place and attends the high school. On her very first day, though, Hana"s ruse is discovered by her previous high school classmate Okito Kanie — who happens to be the high school"s world background teacher.

TagsJoseiAdult CouplesMature RomanceSchool LifeShort EpisodesSmutExplicit SexMature ThemesOmiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyoki na, Mondaiji.TV (12 eps x 5 min)Seven2017

Late-blooming teacher Nana Saigawa goes to a matchmaker appointment just to uncover herself paired v a trouble child student called Souji Kuga.

TagsJoseiRomanceShort EpisodesSmutStudent-Teacher RelationshipExplicit SexMature ThemesShuudengo, Capsule Hotel de, Joushi ni Binetsu Tsutawaru YoruTV (12 eps x 4 min)NAMU Animation2018

Minori, an office worker and also her ceo Hadano, space constantly saying with each other. One night, after a firm drinking party, Minori and also Hatano are having their usual argument, when Minori realizes the she has missed the critical train. They decision to spend the night in ~ a surrounding capsule hotel, but an incident forces them to share the very same unit.

TagsJoseiRomanceAdult CouplesBoss-Employee RelationshipMature RomanceShort EpisodesSmutExplicit Sex3-byou Ato, Yajuu. Goukon de Suma ni Ita Kare wa Midara na Nikushoku DeshitaTV

FollowsTsumugi, a female college student that carries trauma native an aggressive guy in she past. She meets Kaname at a mixer she asked for specifically for unaggressive "herbivore"-type men. She and also Kaname hit that off, and Kaname each other Tsumugi"s older brothers a tiny bit, so she relaxes her guard about him. Kaname, however, feigns to it is in a "herbivore"-type man, however is in fact an aggressive "carnivore"-type man, and he can change his demeanor in an instant.

Follows Saki Watase, a female office worker who is running the end of money. She take away a part-time job as a product tester and also has to testimonial an XL-size condom... Keisuke Sudou, Saki"s "demon boss" she dislikes, reveals that he is XL-size...

TagsJoseiRomanceAdult CouplesCoworkersMature RomanceShort EpisodesSmutExplicit SexOtona nya Koi no Shikata ga Wakaranee!TV (8 eps)Sirius2020

Mio Sudou is an office lady who has actually not had a boyfriend in 5 years and also has forgotten what it is prefer to be in love. Shuji Majima is an abroad insurance consultant who has not had a girl friend in seven years despite being highly eligible. Mio meets Shuji at a matchmaking party, yet finds him revolting together he states, "I"m not into women." However, a provocative comment through Mio takes things in an unexpected direction.

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The Cold-Hearted wolf Has involved Devour Me AgainVol: 1; Ch: 6Love Kyun Comic2015

I"m going to break the old you. His lips feeling so forceful and also hot, and also refuse to let me go... Because that the very first time in 9 years, Mao meets she childhood girlfriend Yuto, who"s turned right into a cold man whose project is breaking couples up. Mao wants him to turn ago to the tenderness Yuto she remembers, however Yuto proposes a trade...

"If friend don"t want me come tell her secret, climate you"re gonna need to do whatever I say." Itoko was raised in the countryside and also used relocating to Tokyo as an possibility to adjust herself into the fashionable and also popular girl she always wanted come be. Every little thing was going well for her till she happened to be re-united v her childhood friend, Kei. In bespeak to store her previous a secret, Itoko drops into the catch of agreeing to his problem of doing whatever he says. Itoko"s body becomes more and much more sensitive as Kei take away his sadistic nature out on her. She has actually to try and balance this through welcome parties, studying, club excursions and the school festival. Just exactly how is she going to regulate both she school and also love life?

TagsJoseiRomanceChildhood FriendsSmutA 3 Player Love Game!Vol: 1; Ch: 4Zettai Ryouiki R!2013

"It feels much far better when i lick you, doesn"t it?", states the sadistic older brother v glasses. He"s like a king. "I can"t stop...!" claims the gentle but reckless younger brother. He"s choose a prince. These super handsome pair brothers space making extreme advances! Minami is a typical nerdy girl. She to be leading a boring school life, once suddenly two of her childhood friend transfer into her school! They"re the Maijou brothers, and also they"ve both grown as much as be supervisor handsome... Minami feels inferior for having actually degraded into a total nerd, and tries to stop the 2 of them. However despite her efforts, the brother"s developments are ferocious! at school, in public and at home... Wherever Minami goes, they reason her large trouble! But among all the fuss, Minami finds she cold heart and also body slowly warming as much as them...!

Mamoru and Miyuri room two best friends who"ve chose to come to be a couple... But what walk that also mean? The handsome yet adorable Mamoru and the cute tomboy Miyuri have actually known every other since they were babies. Lock love each other and know everything around each other. Lock share the same interests and like each other"s looks, for this reason you"d think they"d do the perfect couple... Other than something"s missing. However what? A cute romcom with two clueless sweethearts you"re bound to fall in love with!

TagsDramaJoseiRomanceChildhood FriendsSmutYou"re the One I want to Tease: A Cold Childhood Friend"s heat FingersVol: 1; Ch: 42017 - 2018

My neighborhood Yu is blunt and also distant, and although I"ve been in love v him for ages, he always casually pen me aside. One day, though, we finish up alone in the dark together. Together I seize his arm, my love pounding, he unexpectedly kisses me...! that says, "You know, you"re the just one ns tease." ...Yu, that"s no fair...!

TagsJoseiRomanceChildhood FriendsNeighborsSmutHow come Train her Childhood Playmate: mischievous Share residence LifeCh: 62014

”If you construct your body choose this, you will certainly be the perfect bride for her husband...” he says as the plucks she nipple. Maju, who became a university student must live v her butler, Takakura and be trained by that in marital duties. She is delighted to live v him yet then she childhood girlfriend Tohru involves live with them too?! when she is taught how to make the bed she is additionally taught what to carry out IN the bed. She doesn"t gain to refuse as Takakura smiles and touches her secret places... And Toru too?

TagsJoseiRomanceChildhood FriendsFleeting Desire: having actually to Live through My Adorable finest Friend!Vol: 1+; Ch: 4+2018 - ?

Ami has been in love with her cool childhood girlfriend Mioto because that fifteen years. She"s said him countless times, however he doesn"t say anything back. That cycle was in full swing when "unavoidable circumstances" force them come live in the exact same apartment! No issue the reason, now"s her big chance! Unfortunately, Mioto keeps his distance, saying it"s "embarrassing." In reality, he"s just shy around her feminine wiles and loves her back...! Something"s bound to occur with these 2 living under the exact same roof...!! 2 love-struck virgins are about to embark top top a journey into adulthood!