King David, the psalmist, loved God’s Word. That likened scripture to fine gold and also sweet honey. In Psalm 19, he supplies six terms, descriptions, and also effects to do his point. In act so, David produced one of the many beautiful stanzas ever before written about the inerrant, infallible, God-breathed Scriptures.

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The Text

“The legislation of the lord is perfect, reviving the soul;the testimony of the mr is sure, making wise the simple;the precepts that the Lord room right, rejoicing the heart;the commandment of the mr is pure, enlightening the eyes;the fear of the lord is clean, enduring forever;the rule of the Lord space true, and also righteous altogether.More come be wanted are they 보다 gold, even much fine gold;sweeter likewise than honey and drippings of the honeycomb” (Psalm 19:7-10).

Six Names, six Descriptions, and also Six Effects

“Six unique titles below designate the Word. Every bears a separate character, and also each explains a different effect. Just how worthy is this glorious indigenous of continuous study! Let that be check out on bended knee until all that is efficacy molds our hearts. None are so wise and happy as the Bible-taught. This examine is the richest feast. That regales the spirit far more than sweet dainties deserve to please the palate. It provides wise warning for our every hour. Obedience is way blessedness” (Henry Law).

David supplies six different terms to recognize God’s Word:

LawTestimonyPreceptsCommandmentFear (true religion and godliness, together prescribed in the Word)Rules (or judgments)

Each ax is offered a description:


With every term and corresponding description, the psalmist gift an effect the word of God has on the human being who believes, loves, and also obeys it:

Reviving the soulMaking way the simpleRejoicing the heartEnlightening the eyesEnduring foreverRighteous altogether

A Closer Look

I was very encouraged together I studied this passage of Scripture. Let’s take it a closer look in ~ this six-fold description of God’s Word.

The law of the lord is perfect, reviving the soul.

Everything that originates from God, every little thing He go is both good and perfect (James 1:17). His legislation is no exception. God has provided His Word–His perfect, literary expression and revelation the His character and also His revealed will–to His own special people: Christians.

God’s perfect legislation is a soothing enjoyment lovingly used to His people. It refreshes and also revives the soul.

The KJV converts the Hebrew word “meshibah” as “converts” in Psalm 19:7. Whether refreshing, reviving or converting, words carries through it the idea the restoration.

The same word is offered when God speak of the reconstruction of the human soul indigenous the disorder and decay of sin. “Restore us, O mr God the hosts! permit your confront shine, that we may be saved” (Psalm 80:19)!

The word is also used in the stare that defines Elijah’s resuscitation of the widow’s son. “Then he stretched himself upon the boy three times and also cried to the Lord, ‘O lord my God, permit this child’s life come into him again"” (1 kings 17:21).

When read, meditated upon, memorized, and/or otherwise engaged God’s Word has the ability, the power to restore a believer weary heart (Psalm 23:3)and renew his troubled or distracted mental (Romans 12:1-2).

The testimony of the mr is sure, making way the simple.

God’s Word–the testimony of Himself around His creation and for His people–is sure. Meaning: it is fixed, firm, stable. It’s not fleeting, shifting, or often changing like the arbitrary and also self-serving judgments of person reason.

No matter how proud a male may be, the is yet a simpleton when compared to the infallible wisdom that God (1 Corinthians 1:18-25). However here, in Psalm 19, words “simple” isn’t referring to a lack of knowledge or the foolishness of heart and also mind that the person who insists the doesn’t believe God exists (Psalm 14:1). Rather the indigenous “simple” describes a person who is humble and teachable.

“The fear of the lord is the start of knowledge; stupid despise wisdom and also instruction” (Proverbs 1:7). Because that those whom God has elected to salvation (Acts 13:48), He provides those that regenerates a humble and also teachable heart and also a are afraid of the Lord, which leads to wisdom. And God uses the certain testimony the His native to make those whom He has identified to save wise unto salvation (2 Timothy 3:14-15).

The precepts that the Lord space right, rejoicing the heart.

According to Puritan theologian Matthew Poole, a precept is “a discovering or teaching; doctrine; understanding orally given and received; the matter of learning (Prov 1:5). No vain, or foolish, or false, or pernicious counsels, but such as room true and also profitable.”

God’s indigenous is doctrine, originally orally given and now forever and also perfectly encode in the scriptures we have actually today. The scriptures are right. They are a ideal representation of God’s perfect, revealed will. Again, they room not arbitrary. God’s precepts are unchanging yet, as is the sanctification of His people, His revelation is progressive.

God is right. He is appropriate in who He is. He is appropriate in what He has said. And because His precepts room right, the mind of His special people, Christians, deserve to rejoice.

God’s precepts space a resource of elation for the Christian. Albert Barnes wrote: “It is constantly a source of true joy when we deserve to feel the we space under just and also equal laws; legislations in themselves right, and laws administered in righteousness and also truth.”

For the Christian, and only because that the Christian, peace, comfort, and also joy are discovered in the rightness of God’s Word. Rest, relief indigenous anxiety and worry, and the refreshment of mental are discovered in the stability, reliability, and equity that the only perfect resource of truth.

It’s in words of God that we uncover the nature of His perfect love, grace, and also mercy—not in our circumstances. However it only brings rejoicing come those that love the truth.

The commandment the the mr is pure, enlightening the eyes.

Gold need to be polished to bring it to it’s pure form. Yet, in ~ 24 karats, what’s thought to be it’s most pure form, gold is imperfect. There room no doubt microscopic levels of impurity the are beyond the eyes of man’s ability to detect. And also again, gold should be processed for it to reach even a modicum the purity. Not so v the commandments the God.

In its initial state, the autographs that Scripture, the word of God was and also is together pure together the mind of God itself. Like God, His commandments room without the slightest little bit of error. They are complimentary from the stain that sin, complimentary from any kind of corrupt tendencies. While male can strategy the indigenous of God through an impurity of heart, and also while his motives because that approaching and also utilizing words of God can be impure, the commandments us are cost-free from corruption.

God’s indigenous (His commandments) provides every believer with light and also knowledge. The scriptures clarify for the believer God’s revealed will and also every duty of male to this holy and just God.

According to theologian Albert Barnes: “The reference below is certainly to the psychic or spirit as being enlightened by the reality of God. We room made by these commandments to see what is right and also proper; to understand what we should do.” Therefore, the enlightening of the eyes about which King David speak is not a physics enlightening (giving sight to the blind), but rather a ethical enlightening (allowing a man to view the sinfulness that his sin and his desperate require for cleansing through the blood that Christ).

The are afraid of the mr is clean, enduring forever.

Joseph Benson, methodist minister and modern-day of man Wesley, composed of the are afraid of the Lord, as it is provided in Psalm 19:9. “ true religion and godliness, prescribed in the word, reigning in the heart and also practiced in the life; or rather, the word or legislation itself is intended, and also called the fear of the Lord, due to the fact that it is both the rule and also cause of the fear, or of true religion.”

According come Albert Barnes, the psalmist provides the term “fear that the Lord” to median “the precepts of piety or religion. The is used evidently in this sense here, together referring to revelation, or to revealed truth, in the sense that it promotes appropriate reverence because that God, or secures a ideal regard for his name and worship.”

God’s fear-provoking, awe-inspiring, love-inducing word is clean. It’s sincere in its employed staff of tone. It’s cost-free from any form of vanity, falsehood or vice. That is pristine in its kind and function.

And, favor God Himself, the word of God endures forever (Isaiah 40:6-8), as with God’s love (Psalm 100:5), His justice (Psalm 111:3), and also His believers (Psalm 117:2). God’s native has and also forever will certainly endure all scrutiny and also every attack against its origin, nature, credibility, veracity, and power.

The rules of the Lord are true, and also righteous altogether.

God often refers come His Word, in His Word, together “rules” (See Exodus 21:1; Leviticus 18:5; number 36:13; Deuteronomy 4:1; 1 Timothy 5:20-22).

The rules of God room true. His indigenous is always a correct depiction of the reality of things. Reality is every little thing God says. When every man and also every human institution, consisting of religions produced by men, are, in one means or an additional or at once or another, proven to be liars, God is always, perfect true (Romans 3:4). Words of God is base in truth, spiritual as truth, and unquestionably true.

The truth of God’s indigenous is the radical of its righteousness. The rule of God room righteous altogether. Through this statement, the psalmist declares the each and every one of God’s rules is together righteous as any other. “All Scripture is breathed the end by God and rewarding for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and also for training in righteousness, the the guy of God might be complete, fitted for every great work” (2 Timothy 3:16-17, focus mine).

The word of God is the just perfect reflection and representation of the holiness and righteousness the God. “All that God determines, even if it is in offering or in executing his legislations – all in his requirements, and all in the administration of his government – is always and wholly righteous. That is precisely what it should be in the case, and is, therefore, worthy of universal confidence” (Albert Barnes).

So What?

To all of this, the unbeliever will likely say, “So what?” He have the right to do nothing else because he lacks the requisite faith in and love for God; he lacks the requisite wisdom that comes from and with the are afraid of the Lord. Therefore, in his please state, he is can not to recognize his eternal require for words who became flesh and also dwelt amongst us (John 1:14-18), for the Auther and also Perfecter that the faith of those who believe (Hebrews 12:1-2).

To all of this, the believer can say, “I know this already. I’ve read Psalm 19:7-10. Ns don’t median to be irreverent, but, ‘So what?’ I recognize God’s native is much more precious 보다 gold and sweeter than honey.”

Believer: if this is you, climate it might be true the you carry out in truth value and desire the word of God together you ought. It may be the hidden treasure or the pearl of great price for which you would invest all you have actually to acquire it (Matthew 13:44-46). However is this yes, really you? Is the me?

Beginning v me, that within the body of Christ deserve to say the (or she) desires the word of God precisely as that should? even when we say we “love the Bible,” have actually we reduced the expression to a sappy sentimentality, type of like how we can regularly use the expression “I love you” through no more an interpretation than a friendly hello? Is there any real an interpretation behind our expressions of love for the Bible?

Let the over exposition serve as a litmus test. Questioning yourself, “Do ns love words of God the means the psalmist did?”

More priceless than Gold

“More to be desired are they than gold, also much fine gold; sweeter also than honey and drippings of the honeycomb. Moreover, by lock is your servant warned; in keeping them there is good reward” (Psalm 19:10-11).

In Psalm 19:10, David provides a difference between gold and also fine gold. According to JM Bullion, “Fine gold is gold the is practically pure. Its purity is frequently graded making use of a scale of millesimal fineness. This denotes the variety of parts every thousand of pure steel in the alloy, according to that mass. This fineness is typically rounded to a three-figure number, v decimal places to follow wherein appropriate, specifically where it’s provided as a hallmark. Because that example, a fine gold item that has 99.9 percent gold would be labeling 999 or .999.”

Fine gold is not commonly used because that jewelry. Since of its level of purity, it’s too soft. Yellow is a soft metal. Constant or continual wear the the purest gold would an outcome in a distortion of a piece of jewelry’s shape and size. Fine yellow is, by and large, minimal in usage to investment-quality coins and bullion.

Dear Christian, your holy bible is no an eye-catching ornament friend wear approximately your neck or a publication you bring under your eight to look at spiritual. The perfect law of the mr is a precious, intrinsically valuable investment in her soul. While not to be retained under lock and vital rarely to be looked at or touched prefer gold coin or bullion, bible is a endowment you need to guard in her heart (Matthew 6:21; Luke 12:34). And as girlfriend treasure God’s indigenous in her heart–guarding it by memorizing it, studying it, and meditating upon it–His sure testimonies, in turn, will guard you, keeping your method pure. “How can a young man keep his method pure? through guarding it according to your word” (Psalm 119:9).

King David, a male who had actually all the wide range of royalty, establish God’s Word was to be valued far an ext than well gold. “The law of her mouth is much better to me than hundreds of gold and also silver pieces” (Psalm 119:72).

“Gold is only for the body, and the pertains to of time; however grace is for the soul, and the comes to of eternity” (Matthew Henry).

Do you treasure God’s Word an ext than you treasure good gold? carry out you endowment it an ext than health, wealth, and also prosperity? will certainly you offer up your health, wealth, and also prosperity come mine the deep, deep caverns of God’s Word until you have replaced the desire because that the temporal comforts of this life with the desire to know the Word and also the God of the Word?

Sweeter 보다 Honey

Just as fine yellow is the most valuable gold, honey best off that a honeycomb is the sweetest form of honey.

David, more than once, likened the services of scripture intake to the delight of spend the sweetest honey. “How sweet room your indigenous to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth” (Psalm 119:103)!

According come, “Most of the love husband you uncover in grocery stores is pasteurized. The high warmth kills undesirable yeast, have the right to improve the color and also texture, removes any kind of crystallization, and extends the shelf life. Countless of the beneficial nutrients are also destroyed in the process.” life honey, however, is the freshest, sweetest, and most valuable of all forms of honey.

“Honey is sweet; but honey just out the the comb has actually a sweetness, richness and also flavour, far past what it has after it i do not care exposed to the air. Just those that have eaten of love husband from the comb deserve to feel the pressure of the psalmist’s comparison: that is better than gold, yea, than fine gold in the best quantity; the is sweeter 보다 honey, yea, 보다 honey native the comb” (Adam Clarke).

Are the precepts of God sweet to you? space God’s altogether-true rules so sweet come you that analysis books about the scriptures that, while beneficial and profitable, you acknowledge extra-biblical resources are however pasteurized substitutes for the pure and also eye-enlightening regulates of the Almighty? have actually you grown so accustomed to reading books about the Bible, make them your primary way of bible intake, that you have forgotten just how sweet tasting the bibles are as soon as they come straight from the honeycomb that a well-worn Bible?

Don’t gain me wrong. God’s native is God’s Word, after ~ all–whether you read the scriptures while they space enclosed in a scriptures wrapped in the many expensive pet hide or you review it from a list of verses handwritten top top 3×5 cards. And God has given teachers come His Church to aid her know the word He has actually graciously and also lovingly given to His people. Prayer God! but does your time in God’s indigenous consist an ext of commentary and also devotional reading from the works of prominent men that God, or does the consist an ext of direct scriptures intake, which has the illuminating work-related of the divine Spirit?

Don’t protect against reading an excellent books around the Bible. Definitely don’t stop sitting under an excellent teaching, particularly if it originates from the pulpit of your pastors/elders who space charged v watching end your spirit (Hebrews 13:7, 17). However are you spending much more time on blogs or more time in the Bible? Your honest answer to the question may speak quantities to just how much you truly regard the clean and also forever-enduring, God-breathed scriptures as an ext precious than fine gold and also sweeter than honey indigenous the comb.

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Have you cleared up for cheaper gold of which jewels are made that have the right to improve your outward appearance? have actually you cleared up for love husband that’s so diluted or manipulated that it tastes the same whether it’s fresh-bought or it’s sat on the shelf for five years? Or is your desire for the ideal gold and also the sweetest honey–the very precepts that God that cannot but help to rejoice the heart?

The native of God: us should fall asleep v it on our minds; we need to awake through it on our lips. The Scriptures: We need to recite it to ourselves, we need to sing it to each other, and we should shout that from the rooftops. The Bible: We need to value it an ext than the purest gold bullion and also we must desire it an ext than the purest and sweetest honey.