five Cities: living on $50K a Year

Francesca Fontana • The wall surface Street newspaper

How much does the median entry-level value go? It counts a lot on where you live.

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your Parents’ financial Advice Is (Kind Of) not correct

Julia Carpenter • The wall Street newspaper

The personal-finance playbook complied with by past generations doesn’t add up for many people the way it supplied to. That time for some new money rules.


date Apps are Making marriages Stronger

Peggy Drexler • The wall Street journal

Couples who meet online often tend to communicate better and have longer, happier relationships.

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The most Promising Careers that the next Decade

Soo oh • The wall Street newspaper

The wall Street Journal offered wages and also projected yearly demand to rank more than 800 jobs.

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discover the full WSJ/THE 2020 university Rankings

editor • The wall Street newspaper

Filter the rankings or create your very own with the customization tool.

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Amazon changed Search Algorithm in means That an increase Its Own commodities

Dana Mattioli • The wall surface Street journal

The e-commerce huge overcame interior dissent native engineers and lawyers, world familiar v the move say.

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just how to save It professional When the wine Starts flow

Lettie Teague • The wall surface Street journal

travel guide to workplace etiquette rarely encompass advice on how to handle ordering and drinking wine in a experienced setting. Here, WSJ’s wine columnist fills in the blanks through some valuable guidelines.

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Kevin Durant’s brand-new Headspace

J.R. Moehringer • The wall surface Street newspaper

In a wide-ranging interview, Durant speaks candidly around his time through the golden State warriors (“I’m just different from the rest of the guys”), his estrangement from Oklahoma City (“Such a venomous toxicity feeling as soon as I walked into that arena”), and how the engages through fans via Instagram.

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how to Snack Smarter at work

Eleanore Park • The wall Street journal

The 3 p.m. Slump is real. Soar best over it through these recipes because that leading-edge noshes.

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job Try brand-new Language to tempt Job Seekers

Chip Cutter • The wall Street newspaper

suppliers revamp task postings come appeal to wider set the applicants; one startup’s pitch: ‘This duty isn’t because that everyone.’

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