"https://tastecraftedmcd.com/your-github-oauth-token-for-github-com-contains-invalid-characters/imager_5_13411_700.jpggithub-oauth"https://tastecraftedmcd.com/your-github-oauth-token-for-github-com-contains-invalid-characters/imager_5_13411_700.jpg: and to discover the ar of auth.json usage this command

composer config --list --global | grep homeYou will check out results comparable to this

[vendor-dir> vendor (/home/ubuntuuser/vendor)[bin-dir> $vendor-dir/bin (/home/ubuntuuser/vendor/bin)[cache-dir> /home/ubuntuuser/.cache/composer[data-dir> /home/ubuntuuser/.local/share/composer[cache-files-dir> $cache-dir/files (/home/ubuntuuser/.cache/composer/files)[cache-repo-dir> $cache-dir/repo (/home/ubuntuuser/.cache/composer/repo)[cache-vcs-dir> $cache-dir/vcs (/home/ubuntuuser/.cache/composer/vcs)[home> /home/ubuntuuser/.config/composerWe need

cd /home/ubuntuuser/.config/composersudo nano auth.jsonand Remove github.com entry in this file.

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