Having her eBay account suspended can be a major setback, particularly if you rely on the online marketplace because that income.

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It’s a great idea to familiarize yourself v eBay’s plans to protect against account suspension in the very first place. But because these policies are considerable and always changing, even the many conscientious eBay seller can make a mistake the leads to an account hold, restriction, or even suspension.

If your eBay account has been suspended, it’s frequently only temporary. Here’s what to perform to acquire your account reinstated, and some advice to save the income flowing throughout your suspension period.

What Happens once eBay Suspends your Account

If your account is suspended and also you have actually existing listings, you won’t have the ability to edit them. Bidders will be able to retract any kind of bids they’ve made, and also you can’t call bidders or answer to any type of questions you get via eBay Messages until your account is reinstated. Depending on why your account to be suspended, eBay may also end her listings early, or, if did you do it committed a plan violation, eliminate your listings.

When eBay areas a hold, restriction, or suspension on your account, you’ll receive an email informing you of the activity that’s to be taken against your account.

Holds may be inserted on her account for minor issues, such together an expired payment method, and also your eBay account will certainly be back in functioning order as shortly as you exactly the problem.

Restrictions are a bit more severe and also are put on accounts that aren’t conference eBay standards. Lock can an outcome in sellers’ listings gift lowered in search results, and sellers being minimal from selling specific items or marketing on eBay at all.

Suspensions space the most serious penalty, preventing eBay individuals from bidding, buying, selling, or leaving feedback until the suspension is lifted. EBay actually suspends account for much more egregious issues, such as if they’re offering illegal merchandise or they’ve been flagged for suspicious activity.

Why walk eBay Suspend Accounts?

eBay suspends accounts to safeguard their customers and their own reputation. It likewise helps ensure her reputation together a seller. Just as you must protect your brand and ensure a hopeful eBay seller call in order come buy and also sell top top the platform, eBay must protect its very own brand in order to proceed doing business.

When one eBay user violates policies, is associated in a string of client complaints, or engages in illegal activity, it reflects poorly not just on the user but additionally on eBay itself. And also if eBay’s client don’t to trust the marketplace to defend them, they may cease buying and selling ~ above eBay altogether.

That’s why when eBay becomes aware of an problem with a user, that may location a hold, restriction, or suspension on the account. If there room a variety of factors eBay walk this, here are some of the most common:

Nonpayment the eBay feesPayment an approach on record out that dateFailure to reimburse eBay for a refund it made to your buyereBay unable to verify your account informationViolation of one of eBay’s rules and also policies, including the following:Selling banned items, such as alcoholSelling items that infringe upon someone’s intellectual propertyShipping orders so late or uploading tracking info late

Look out for Fake Suspension Notices

You might receive fake eBay suspension notices or phishing emails, so prior to you contact eBay or attempt to make any type of changes to your account or listings, very first ensure that the suspension notification you got is legitimate.

To check that an email was sent from eBay, check your eBay Messages. If a copy that the notification isn’t in her eBay Messages as well, then the email you obtained wasn’t sent by eBay.

Learn just how to recognize suspicious emails and also how to report them to eBay here.

How to obtain a exposed eBay Account Reinstated

When your eBay account has been suspended, the steps you need to take to gain it reinstated depend on the reason why eBay suspended her account in the first place. EBay will certainly email you as soon as this occurs, explaining the reason for the suspension and also the measures to take to solve the issue, which may be as simple as do a payment or updating your listings.

For example, the most typical reason eBay accounts are temporarily rely is because that being delinquent on seller fees, but this suspension will be lifted as shortly as friend make her payment. To perform this, click “My eBay” at the optimal right the the eBay website.

my ebay

Select “Account,” as portrayed in the screenshot below.

my ebay review account

Next, choose “Seller Account” to check out your exceptional fees.

my ebay seller account

From here, click to do a one-time payment utilizing your PayPal account or one more payment method.

ebay make payment

Once these fees have been paid, eBay frequently reinstates accounts, allowing you to bid, buy, sell, and leave feedback again, within a matter of minutes.

While eBay will certainly explain, via email, exactly what you have to do to gain your account up and also running again, here’s some general information on three actions you can take as soon as eBay suspends your account.

1. Fix the Problem.

The very an initial thing to do as soon as eBay informs you of your account suspension is closely read the message to identify your next steps.

Another typical reason because that suspension is a confirmed rights owner, or VeRO, issue. EBay’s VeRO regime permits owner of pundit property civil liberties to report eBay listings the infringe top top the owners’ rights. In this cases, eBay will regularly remove your listing and also notify you, also as administer information on how to call the legal rights owner for further information. This offers you the opportunity to reach the end to the legal rights owner and perhaps make an agreement with lock to permit you to offer the items on eBay.

However, if you don’t reach an commitment with the legal rights owner, a VeRO worry may median you’ll have to delete or edit your listings to it is in in compliance with eBay’s policies.

Once you’ve either deleted or edited the trouble listings or to win an commitment with the rights owner, call eBay and also communicate that you’ve encountered the VeRO issue and get her account reinstated.

2. Call eBay.

If you think your account has actually been rely by mistake, girlfriend don’t get instructions on how to reinstate your account, or you’re not sure how to proceed, contact eBay straight for assistance.

You can contact eBay by phone at 1-866-540-3229, or you have the right to arrange to have actually eBay speak to you. However, you deserve to speak with an eBay representative just Monday through Sunday in between the hours of 5 a.m. And 10 p.m. Pacific Time.

Before girlfriend call, gather every the information you may need to administer to the customer service representative, consisting of your eBay user ID, the email resolve associated v your account, and also the reference number in the suspension email you received.

During your call, ask any kind of questions you need in order to understand why your account to be suspended. Administer explanations because that what go wrong, and explain the measures you’ll require to rectify the problem. EBay prioritizes customer satisfaction, so it is in polite and professional, and emphasize just how the changes you’ll make will not only abide through eBay’s plans but also focus on your customers.

If you’re an eBay keep subscriber at the Anchor or enterprise level, you’ll have an even easier time obtaining in touch through an eBay representative since you have specialized customer assistance by phone call or email anytime.

3. Wait the Out.

While girlfriend can certainly contact eBay, in part instances you may simply have to wait the end your suspension period.

If your eBay account has been suspended unlimited — i m sorry happens only in severe instances or after multiple hurt — eBay consultant Mordechai Epelbaum suggests waiting a year before contacting eBay about the possibility of reinstating your account.

“eBay threw friend off your system. They room not play games,” Epelbaum writes. “They’re not saying that if you call them and hassle them, they might change their mind. Castle have already resolved to never ever do company with friend again. But, ~ a year, you could actually have a chance at reinstatement.”

Should You open a Stealth eBay Account?

While it may be tempting, opening a stealth eBay account no a great idea, especially if you want to create a company on eBay and also sell on the platform because that the long term.

When eBay accounts space suspended, part sellers opt to open up or acquisition a stealth account — another eBay account it is unconnected come the seller’s early stage one — indigenous a third party. This gives the seller v another way to market on eBay throughout their suspension since the stealth account isn’t linked with the seller’s name, address, IP address, or bank information.

But utilizing a stealth account isn’t necessarily an easy fix for her suspension, because that the adhering to reasons:

It doesn’t address the worry with your initial eBay account. If girlfriend fail to monitor eBay’s indict on exactly how to reinstate her account, your initial account may be rely indefinitely.Your brand-new account might be suspended as well. the not uncommon for sellers making use of stealth account to run right into the same concerns or repeat the same trouble that obtained them rely in the very first place. Setup up or purchase a stealth account without making necessary changes to abide through eBay’s policies can simply an outcome in an additional suspension.You’ll have to gain feedback and build her seller reputation almost everywhere again. Establishing and also maintaining a hopeful seller reputation is essential on eBay since it help you create trust amongst buyers. However if you start offering on a brand-new eBay account, you won’t have received any feedback from other buyers and also sellers, do it much less likely a shopper will acquisition from you.eBay could record you utilizing a stealth account. Using a stealth account to get approximately a suspension might lead come a more severe restriction, consisting of a irreversible ban native the marketplace.

Sell in other places in the Meantime

Your eBay account might be suspended only temporarily, however during this period, take into consideration selling your commodities elsewhere. You’ll keep income flowing throughout your suspension, and you might discover new marketplaces to continue selling in.

There’s no shortage of digital marketplaces because that ecommerce enterprise to offer their products, however each is distinctive in its own way. So execute your research, look at what attributes each marketplace offers, and consider both your ecommerce goals and your budget.

Here are a couple of marketplaces come consider broadening into due to the fact that you’re already selling on eBay:

ebay sellbrite

If she going to be selling products throughout multiple marketplaces, take into consideration using Sellbrite to stay organized, monitor inventory across channels, and also improve effectiveness by producing reusable listing templates, as shown above.

Suspension isn’t the end of your Ecommerce Sales

When eBay areas a hold, restriction, or suspension on her account, yes sir often basic fix. You might simply need to verify your info or update your payment method with just a few clicks to be ago buying and selling on eBay.

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However, eBay suspensions early to more egregious violations will certainly take more time and added steps come fix. To obtain your account reinstated, you may need to make alters to exactly how or what girlfriend sell, and also often you will do it simply have to wait the end the suspension period.