steam your account go not meet the demands to use this feature

Steam is just one of the most an effective platforms the is gift widely offered by pc gamers. Not only does it attribute all the finest games that you can play on PC, but it additionally gives girlfriend the alternative of various other interactive features, consisting of being able to launch and share your video game with your friends.

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Even despite there space plenty of other online stores and platforms that deserve to be supplied for playing games, steam seems to it is in a fan favorite. The factor behind the is simply because of how an excellent it performs.

How to solve Your Account go Not satisfy the demands to usage This attribute Error ~ above Steam?

When an initial using Steam, you may come across an error stating “Your account walk not accomplish the demands to usage this feature”. This error most usually comes as soon as you an initial try to include a girlfriend on Steam.

The factor why friend are encountering this error is exactly what we will certainly be explaining in this article. Besides this, us will also be listing a number of solutions on exactly how you can resolve this error. Right here is what girlfriend will have to do:

Purchase a video game on Steam

Before you deserve to use a feature such as adding a girlfriend on Steam, the is compulsory the you purchase a game. The game needs to it is in bought in the heavy steam store. Those more, is that the video game should be at the very least worth $5.

After girlfriend have effectively purchased a video game that prices as lot or more than $5, friend should be able to use these features. You are complimentary to buy any type of game the you want. Discover a video game that is yes, really cheap on her region, or is at this time on sale.

Tell a girlfriend to Gift friend a Game

If friend can’t acquisition a video game for some reason, climate you will need a friend to gift you a game. As soon as the limit of $5 reaches by either a transaction or with a gift, you will certainly be maybe to add friends top top Steam.

An crucial thing to keep in mind is the in order to gift who a game on Steam, both users must be living in the an extremely same region. If not, climate the far better alternative would be come gift her friend a worldwide Steam digital wallet code.

Contact Support

In instance you have already bought a game that expenses well over $5, and are still can not to avail the features, then we highly recommend you call customer support. Heavy steam Support need to further shed light top top the matter and aid you get the worry fixed as shortly as possible.

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The Bottom Line

These space the 3 methods on just how you can fix “Your account does not satisfy the needs to usage this feature”. Each among the measures that we have actually mentioned should aid you troubleshoot and also ultimately fix the problem.