When i think on what the overall definition of NieR Automata can be, or mine reaction from playing it for the first time, or what the authorial will of Yoko Taro and also the team end at Platinumgames had actually in do this experience, I often come earlier to a certain dialogue line.

The display is filled v that unique storm dust brown as Adam “speaks” come 9S v text, getting under his skin, poking and also prodding, before dropping it. It’s the only line on the screen, the only break from that basic background colour.

“You’re thinking around how lot you desire to **** 2B, aren’t you?"

What involves mind as soon as you review this?

What do those 4 stars represent?

For many, the snap assumption would be words fuck. Once an English written word is censored, swearing is regularly what’s hidden.

It makes sense. Even prior to the video game was accessible to play, a great amount the the fist it obtained was focused approximately 2B’s battle attire - a dress style that the much more modest define as promiscuous, and the much less so as right up "sexy maid". Regarding the regarded sexual nature the 2B"s appearance, Yoko Taro has been quoted as saying that “just likes girls”, and also at one suggest tweeted a request for pan to send that a folder of the now well known fan art of the game. Sex sells, the fanbase is thirsty, the an anime game, straightforward to dismiss.

So, 9S wants to posesthe 2B. Ok, sure. It is one explanation.

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At this point in the game, we"re a decent chunk that the way through path B. Adam has actually been recorded by 9S, yet 9S’ top priorities aren’t focused on self - he’s unclear and also worried around what has actually happened to 2B. His role as a support unit so much has been to aid 2B in she combat operations. Already multiple times v the game, he has come to 2B’s help - from the opening prologue, to their Amusement Park fight v Simone, come the the woodland Kingdom fight with A2 and also to the epos Flooded City cinematic succession of bringing under Grun, 9S has actually been throwing punches in 2B’s defense the whole way.

Fuck is a 4 letter word, sure; yet so is “save”.

To the player however, we’re already aware the 2B is a gibberish killing machine. 2B is clearly not who who requirements saving. She’s not the princess in another castle. She is simply as (if not more so) qualified than him. Regardless of this gift a video game released right into a civilization where equality across gender is no a reality, with the notion that guys need to involved the rescue of females still existing. Even in the year 11945, 9S feeling the must be 2B’s saviour.

This piercing item of text is then adhered to by a quick cutscene of other we already know together the player has actually happened, due to the fact that we’ve not just seen it, however we’ve played v it - 2B has combated off Adam, pierced him with the gut, and also is moving off 9S in her arms.



Late video game revelations and also further digging by those intrigued reveal an ext uncomfortable truths around the tragedy of 9S and also 2B’s relationship. 2B is not a (B) battle android - she is an (E) execution unit, design to death 9S every time the comes also close come uncovering the reality of YorHa. She has actually performed this task dozens, possibly hundreds of times end the years they’ve spent working together. His storage is wiped every time, leave 2B through the expertise of his past selves, but with 9S together a new unit - mostly. “Nines”, who’s nickname was “given to him through his friends”, never ever remembers who 2B is upon re-meeting her - regardless of her gift his only actual friend.

9S was constantly fated to be the one to push the last pieces into place for YorHa’s end. He always tends to know more than he lets on come 2B uneven prompted. He is a curious android - that learns things, pokes around and also makes discoveries. He rarely lets it slip the end loud, however 9S knows around 2B’s true nature, and also her previous with him, at the very least in some fashion.

“You’re thinking about how lot you want to **** 2B, aren’t you?"

When you’ve lost track the how many times you’ve been murdered, by the same person, that rage doesn’t just dissipate. Death is additionally a 4 letter word.

Twice through course C, at assorted stages of 9S’ breakdown, 9S deals with off against 2B - both in a virtual room (as a depiction of his own memories and also thoughts) while ruining one of the three pillars safeguarding the tower, and also then physically (as a team of clones created by the tower) while ascending the tower itself. In his rage, he not just cuts 2B down inside the pillar, that unleashes one unrelenting rage and also stabs her repeatedly. In the tower, that slaughters every 2B that sees, before taking the eight from a 2B clone to replace his recently destroyed one.



“You’re thinking about how lot you want to **** 2B, aren’t you?"

The screen prior to this key line of text presents a set of statements.

“You carry out not trust anything."

“You desire to damage everything."

“You have actually lost hope in everything."

“You want to obtain everything."

“You want to be love by all."

You desire to be loved by all.

From the jump, a bar is collection pretty rigid because that the androids - emotions space forbidden. It’s noticeable as an audience the this is a heat that will be overcome (or never really existed), however it’s critical line. In context of the game, 9S is one android developed to hit in the 14th maker War in the year 11945. That is a jumble of slang that immediately distances the player, speaking volumes by what it’s no saying more than because that what it is. This is some challenging to grasp remote future, during a battle that’s number signal it’s meaninglessness in time. That a method of distilling under what matters in paper definition - it’s around the limitless fight, and also that’s every there is. Love has actually no location on the battlefield.

Yet lot like the robots castle face, the androids can’t help but emulate human being behaviour and desires. Despite the nature of their relationship, 9S shows through his actions that he doesn’t just follow protocol as soon as it involves combat together 2B - the cares for her. Deeply. The goes over and beyond in every situation. The discusses the idea of the battle ending, and of security time with 2B post-war, of purchase T-shirts and also hanging out. He discusses an individual things through 2B, share a earlier and forth v her that only two us so close together have the right to do.

Love is forbidden; wanting the is not.



Maybe the heat isn’t command at 9S in ~ all.

NieR Automata is a video game that is aware of the player. The line is blurred - it’s conscious that it’s people is a construct, made by a team of video game developers, artists, designers and writers. It messes through player expectation - it speak to the player. Pod’s 042 and 153 want to rest the cycle by the finish of the game, as ending E bring away the player out of the game and also into the credits sequence. The video game is mindful that you space a character in this story, and also involves you.

“You’re thinking about how lot you want to **** 2B, no you?"

What execute you, the player, think of 2B?

Have you been looking up her skirt together you play as her, running v this people fighting robot lifeforms? possibly you have actually used the me destruct move to blow her clothing off, running around in just a leotard? have actually you “earned” the trophy because that attempting to look up she skirt 10 times?

As much as Adam is calling the end 9S’ thoughts, the video game is calling the end the player for theirs. No judging them; but not ignoring them either.

Do you see 2B as a sex object? Or is she more than that, an ext than appearances and reactions deem her to be? regardless of her gift a digital construct, go she mean an ext to you than just a straightforward avatar of video game interaction?

Maybe, you desire to be her saviour native this catastrophic world?

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“You’re thinking around how much you desire to **** 2B, aren’t you?"

Fuck, Save, Kill, Love. Every possible, all plausible. You deserve to see this line one means or another, directed in video game or the end and an interpretation what you feel it means. NieR Automata never clearly decides how you’re intended to take it - that’s not up to the game.

How you translate it is totally up come you. The is simply one heat of text from a silly game after all.

This article is part of a bigger project. If she a pan of NieR Automata, please stay tuned for more!