Sometimes she hanging out with your friends and you want to provide them a little bit of a tough time by telling them the they suck, big time! this day you’ll learn just how to to speak you suck in Japanese.

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It’s worth noting that Japanese humor and also Western feeling aren’t constantly the exact same thing, and what we could find funny through poking funny at a good friend, can actually come across as quite harsh indigenous a Japanese who perspective.

So while I will teach you several insults in today’s lesson, i think the you’ll discover them an ext useful once watching mirrors or reading manga in Japanese, which are cases where the characters tend to be harsher than in actual life.

If friend playfully (or because that real) tell her Japanese friends that they suck at something, it might come across poorly. Ok just need to let you be the judge of the situation.

Anyway, the literal word for “suck” in Japanese is 吸う (sū) however this is only offered when girlfriend suck top top something favor a bottle or a cigarette.

When you desire to usage the English slag for “suck” which have the right to mean to be bad at something, you’ll usage the following.

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You’re negative At Something

I think that one of the most typical ways that we us the word suck in English is when we space talking about a person’s short ability, or i can not qualify to carry out something.

So if they miss all of their basketball shots, we might say “man, you suck at this game.” once using this particular suck for the Japanese language, you have a couple of options.

The very first one is 下手 (heta) which means “unskillful” and also is a na-adjective which way that you have the right to put that in former of nouns to say that something is sucky, or of inferior quality.

Like 下手な車 (hetana kuruma) because that a crappy car, as just one example.

But generally speaking, you’ll view 下手 merged with one of two people だ (da) or です (desu) to say that someone or other sucks.

A very closely related word come 下手 is 苦手 (nigate) which has actually basically the same meaning and usage, yet is used much more often once speaking around one’s very own abilities in ~ something.

英語が苦手だ。 (eigo ga nigate da.)I’m not good at English.

The final word the I want to go over in this component can sometimes be offered to to speak no in Japanese for certain circumstances.

Here in today’s class it will be used in a situation where you can say the something is “no good” and by expansion that it suck in its quality.

本がだめだと、読まない。 (hon ga dame dato, yomanai.)If the publication sucks (is no good), ns won’t review it.

These 3 words should be pretty great for as soon as you are talking about the top quality or ability that a thing or human has, but what about when she generalizing around a situation?

Sometimes you simply want come tell a friend that they suck, and also leave it in ~ that. This next section will assist with that.

You’re The Worst

When a human being does other terrible, or you’re just unhappy with them in general, you deserve to use a couple of different words that mean “the worst” which have to work well because that today’s lesson.

The first one is 最低 (saitei) which method “the lowest” and is often an unified with お前 (omae) for the word “you” in Japanese in anime and also other dramas.

お前、最低だな! (omae, saitei da na!)You suck! / she the worst!

If you clock a the majority of Slice that Life form anime, the is pretty common to listen the key guy receive this humiliation from a girl that likes him, but he simply doesn’t it seems to be ~ to choose up the many hints she lays down.

Although girl don’t usage the word お前 a totality lot. Lock are more likely to say あんた (anta) when they are angry in ~ someone.

If you’re no all that acquainted with the kanji 最 (sai) climate this will certainly be a an excellent time to find out it. It is a prefix that way “the most” and also gets added on to a lot of other words come say things choose strongest, weakest, highest, and so on.

I’ve actually talked around this topic before in one more post, and you can examine it out to learn how to to speak the finest in Japanese.

The 2nd word that I wanted to cover currently is 最悪 (saiaku) which means “the worst” and is frequently the word of choice when you desire to describe a instance as being particularly high top top the suck-o-meter.

For example, in the an initial episode that the anime Clannad when the main character meets his brand-new friend’s parents, he first starts off by unintentionally insulting the mom’s food which reasons her to operation out that the home crying.

He then says that that “hopes the dad is normal” since he find both the mom and also he’s new friend to it is in on the weird side.

Well, the dad bumps into him and is not just carrying a baseball bat, but looks favor he is all set to kill. The key character climate says:

最悪だった… (saiaku datta…)Well, this sucks…

So if you want to say the a person sucks, then you can use 最低 to explain them, and if you desire to say the a particular situation in her life sucks, climate you deserve to use 最悪 instead.

You’re Useless

So perhaps you’re emotion a small on the mean side, and you desire to say that a human being is useless when it concerns something.

If it is the case, then there space a pair of methods that you go about it.

The first one is to say 使えないな (tsukae nai na) once looking in ~ a person and also speaking directly to them. This native is the negative kind of 使える (tsukaeru) for “to it is in useful.”

Another indigenous that have the right to be supplied to explain a human being as a “deadhead” or completely “useless” is 役立たず (yakutatazu).

I believe I heard this word used whenever Makoto’s enlarge sister calls her useless in Persona 5, which of course spur her to join the Phantom Thieves and prove the she is in truth valuable.

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Finally, you can just speak あんたはだめ (anta wa dame) i beg your pardon basically simply says a human being is no good.

Got any kind of questions or comments? permit me understand down below!

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