The Piano male has provided us classic after classic. Below are base lines for 12 the his most-loved hits. Written in standard Notation and also TAB. 46 pages.Transcribed through Aidan Hampson

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SAMPLES native THIS TITLE The samples are in pdf format and also require Adobe Acrobat reader to it is in installed. Click below for Table of ContentsClick below for Sample #1Click here for Sample #2TITLE has THE adhering to SONGS•Piano Man•New York State the Mind•Just the means You Are•Scenes native an Italian Restaurant•Only the an excellent Die Young•Honesty•You might Be Right•It\"s quiet Rock and Roll come Me•The Longest Time•Uptown Girl•We Didn\"t begin the Fire•The river of DreamsThe Piano man has given us standard after classic. Here are bass lines for 12 that his most-loved hits. 46 pages