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""You recognize what I"m saying?"" is a phrase among ""slack jawed rappers"" or (non-racial) black color people. Its largely used in gangs or the poor locations in America. Its greatly used to ask the receiver if he/she understands what is being talked to him/her. The mostly called an stroked nerves phrase amongst persons who execute not speak slang that frequently in one sentence, because it"s overused in at the very least one sentence. Because that example: "Like, dude, you know what I"m sayin"? and also then every this other stuff happened, you recognize what I"m sayin"? So because then, you know what I"m sayin", ns just made decision to walk home.""


Run DMC collaborated top top a tune by Kid Rock, which additionally featured Uncle Kracker. Girlfriend can clearly hear the phrase obtaining repeated an stroked nerves amount in the song.

Unfortunately, this song has not to be released yet, yet the track is obtainable on YouTube.

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