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The Song: “Your Love” by The Outfield

The Lyric: “I just want to use your love tonight. I don’t desire to shed your love tonight.”

The Problem: Those pesky pronouns. Whose love does the speaker desire to “use”? Whose love does s/he are afraid losing?

Possible Interpretations:

A) We’ll begin via the noticeable one —the “your” in both lines refers to the same perkid.

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Yet that can this perkid be? Josie is the main object of affection called in the song, yet alas, Josie is “on vacation far amethod.” Which means the perchild the speaker desires to “talk it over” with (don’t also gain me started on what the “it” might be) need to be someone else. For the sake of clarity, let’s contact her Susan. In this interpretation, then, the speaker desires to “use” Susan’s love without shedding Susan’s love.

Although at initially this interpretation seems apparent, upon closer inspection it leads to numerous problematic concerns. Why, for instance, would certainly “using” Susan’s love cause the speaker to “lose” Susan’s love? After all, isn’t it common knowledge that one should “use it or shed it”? One would certainly think that if the speaker were to “use” Susan’s love, then Susan would be thrilled and also the act of talking “it” over would deepen their relationship.

Alternatively, if “it” is a cheap one night stand pushed by hormonal desperation and loneliness, than why would the speaker treatment around shedding Susan’s love? What perform we know around Susan anyway? Very bit summary of her is offered other than this one somewhat disturbing line, “You understand, I choose my girls a small bit older.” It’s never before made clear exactly how young Susan might be, but we deserve to assume that either she’s too young to legally “talk it over with” (in which instance, the reader might wonder, how specifically does the speaker understand Susan? Is the speaker her babysitter? Cousin? Uncle? This interpretation quickly leads us dvery own a perilous road…), or is the speaker professing an attractivity for “older” women (yet then why describe her as a “girl”)? At ideal this interpretation is deeply problematic, At worst, it’s illegal and also creepy.

B) The break-up pronoun recommendation.

In this interpretation numerous of the logical inconsistencies pointed out over are rectified by attributing the initially “your” to the uncalled strumpet “Susan,” and the second “your” to “Josie.” It’s obvious that Josie is essential to the speaker. After all, the speaker “ain’t gained many kind of friends left to talk to” . Josie’s definition to the speaker is better highlighted by the reality that she’s the just figure named in the song. Because of this, it stands to reason that the speaker doesn’t want to “lose” her love by making use of Susan’s love for one night.

However before, despite the logical feeling this interpretation provides, grammatically it’s a mess. The proximity of these lines would certainly suggest that both pronouns refer to the exact same perboy, not 2 various women, and the unnamed and also too-young Susan is the just clear green light to be spied off the end of that dock. Not just that, the song is titled “Your Love” so the object of the “Your” in these lines have to be of substantial meaning to the overall interpretation of the song. Who, then, matters even more to the speaker? Who is the higher “your”? The unnamed and too young temptress, Susan, or the called and also noble Josie? The answer lies in the 3rd interpretation.

C) The “your” in both lines describes Josie.


Your love is priceless to me…

Admittedly, this is a darker, even more nefarious interpretation of this so-referred to as love song, but consider its merits. If the “your” in both lines describes Josie, the just person named in the song, then the definition of the lyrics (and the manipulative magnitude of what the speaker is professing to his illicit one-night-stand also quarry) becomes clear.

Consider it this way: “I simply want to use Josie’s love tonight. I don’t want to lose Josie’s love tonight.” Now all the pieces loss into location. It’s not unwidespread for women to find attached men to be more attractive than single men. After all, attached men currently have actually the endorsement of one woman (and also why are single men single? There should be something wrong with them, one could think). In enhancement, possibly the uncalled vixen, Susan, thoroughly dislikes Josie and also desires to seek vengeance upon her. It stands to reason, then, that the speaker could use Josie’s love to entice Susan to his location to “talk it over.” Of course, the speaker wouldn’t want to lose Josie’s love in this transaction, because it’s Josie’s love that confers upon him such attractive altempt, and also since Josie is his one valid, called relationship.

If we consider all the repercussions of such a reading, it becomes clear that the speaker is a sleazy, lecherous toad. But the speaker is additionally an hocolony toad in confessing to Susan (and to us) exactly how he’s making use of Josie’s love. In such a confession, there’s undoubtedly a cry for aid (“no one is around once I’m in trouble”), and also so the all at once meaning of the song unfolds favor a lotus flower in murky water. “Your Love” is both an empowering and also a corrupting pressure, bereason “Your Love” enables the speaker to have seductive power over others.

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The Lyric in Context (infinish song lyrics included below for educational objectives only):

“Your Love”


Josie’s on a vacation far awayCome around and also talk it overSo many things that I desire to sayYou recognize I like my girls a small little olderI just wanna usage your love tonightI don’t wanna lose your love tonight

I ain’t obtained many kind of friends left to talk toNo one’s roughly when I’m in troubleYou understand I’d carry out anypoint for youStay the night yet save it undercoverI simply wanna usage your love tonight, whoaI don’t wanna shed your love tonight…

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