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The quote \"You have been banned native the Mickey mouse club for inappropriate behavior\" source from a video clip (That currently seems gone) post by a YouTube channel recognized as raysipeladygaga.

The channel itself is about parodies of TV shows, movies and even video games.

Here room some examples.

However one of his parodies in certain caught the fist of many and became very popular.

(Posted through Shrektum on Youtube. The original video clip doesn\"t seem come be accessible on the main channel.)


The video clip was very first shared on Vine together a 6 secs clip wherein it easily got popular.Later, on march 2017, the video clip has been reposted on Youtube through Shrektum and also ended increase racking approximately 122k views.

A few months later the very first edit the the meme to be uploaded on Youtube getting over 14k views.(Posted by WhiteJoker.)

More videos with the clip inside began to present up top top Youtube.


In many cases, the meme is supplied in modifying to accompany various other clips, often clips with world acting harshly, world being poisonous or people acting rude.

As together it is considered by countless a reaction video.





-This video was offered by Ada08 i m sorry is a channel inspired by Plainrock124. -Most that the video\"s titles on raysipeladygaga frequently have countless
symbols, hashtags, semicolons or/and circumflexes.-The image even showed up on websites such as 9gag under top/bottom text format.


Marjorie Taylor Greene and also Senator Joni Ernst present Scooby-Doo, Uno memes To Congress, become Memes for It

Marjorie Taylor Greene and also Senator Joni Ernst present Scooby-Doo, Uno memes To Congress, become Memes for It
Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Iowa councilor Jodi serious posted cringe in conference the other day once they defended their arguments versus the Green new Deal and also unnecessary spending through memes.

The design template of this year\"s Met Gala was \"American Independence,\" and the mim were for sure flowing the night and the complying with days. Here\"s the full malfunction on 2021\"s event.

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