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"Y"all gained Anymore of…" is one expression commonly used on discussion forums to request for extr information ~ above a specific topic of interest, or more generally, to indicate one"s extreme craving because that something. Originally quoted by the drug-fiending character Tyrone Biggums in Chappelle"s Show, the expression is frequently iterated together a reaction image based upon a still shot of Dave Chappelle"s character and also the phrasal theme "Y"all any more of them / X?”


As early on as June 2010,<5> picture macros special the personality Tyrone Biggums in front of a green and also white shade wheel background to be submitted come Meme Generator<6> under the title "Crackhead."



The meme had its first break-out in December 2013, once Redditor abdullah10 submitted an image macro joking about asking because that WiFi passwords come the /r/AdviceAnimals<1> subreddit, where it gained over 1,400 increase votes in three months (shown below, left). ~ above January 4th, 2014, Redditor Baddabink posted a Tyrone Biggums image macro come /r/AdviceAnimals<7> mocking the exercise of constantly refreshing Reddit while it is under (shown below, right). In two months, the article accumulated an ext than 13,000 up votes and also 90 comments.

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On February 28th, Redditor jlmawp it is registered a Dave Chappelle Crackhead picture macro complaining around cold weather in Chicago, Illinois come /r/AdviceAnimals<2> (shown below, left). On in march 4th, Redditor mathemagician117 posted a low-resolution picture macro through the caption "Y"all obtained any an ext of them / pixels" to /r/AdviceAnimals<4> (shown below, right). In the first month, the posts garnered upwards the 33,600 and 11,900 up votes respectively. On in march 7th, Redditor mathemagician117"s picture macro to be reposted top top 9gag.<11>


On march 18th, Redditor Masshole224 submitted photo macro criticizing conspiracy theories about the missing Malaysian Airlines flight to /r/AdviceAnimals,<12> gathering end 11,200 increase votes and 190 comments in 2 weeks (shown below, left). On April 1st, Redditor aakme posted an image macro joking around asking his mrs roommates to collection him up with their friends come /r/AdviceAnimals<13> (shown below, right). In less than 24 hours, the post accumulated upwards the 16,200 increase votes and also 400 comments.


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Sigma Grindset / Hustle society Memes

Notable Examples

As that April 2014, two added pages have been developed on picture Generator<9><10> and also a design template titled "Dave Chappelle – Y"all Got any type of More" was released on the image-captioning website Livememe.<8>

Search Interest

External References

<1> Reddit – Everytime I go into a place that has WiFi

<2> Reddit – Chicago here. Its so cold

<3> Reddit – after ~ 11 days of the news report on the exact same conspiracy theories

<4> Reddit – Yall gained any much more of them

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<10> picture Generator – Dave Chapelle crackhead

<11> 9gag – Yall got any an ext of them

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<13> Reddit – as a newly single guy v two mrs roommates

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