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"Bother" is the second single indigenous the tough rock band stone Sour"s self-titled debut album. It was initially released as a solo tune by frontman Corey Taylor, but the billing to be later changed to rock Sour. The tune was one of stone Sour"s an initial songs to placed them right into the mainstream. The cover functions Taylor"s hands and rings, one of them being a Spider-Man ring which is a recommendation to the tune being featured top top the soundtrack to the movie Spider-Man (although the track is attributed to Taylor together the demonstrate not rock Sour) and also to Taylor gift a fan of Spider-Man. The other has actually the number eight top top it, representing Taylor"s number in Slipknot. Taylor has proclaimed that the tune is around when that moved back to Des Moines from Denver, where he hoped to try to move forward with his music.more »

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Wish ns was as well dead to cryMy self-affliction fadesStones to throw at my creatorMasochists come which i caterYou don"t need to bother;I don"t need to beI"ll save slipping fartherBut as soon as I hold on,I won"t let go "til the bleedsWish i was as well dead to careIf without doubt I cared in ~ allNever had actually a voice come protestSo girlfriend fed me shit to digestI wish I had actually a reason;my flaws are open up seasonFor this, I offered up tryingOne good turn deserves mine dyingYou don"t must bother;I don"t should beI"ll save slipping fartherBut when I host on,I won"t let walk "til the bleeds(Solo: Corey)Wish I"d died instead of livedA zombie hides my faceShell forgottenwith that is memoriesDiaries leftwith cryptic entriesAnd girlfriend don"t should bother;I don"t must beI"ll keep slipping fartherBut as soon as I host on,I won"t let walk "til the bleedsYou don"t have to bother;I don"t must beI"ll store slipping fartherBut when I organize onI"ll never ever live under my deceit

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rock Sour stone Sour is one American rock band formed in Des Moines, Iowa in 1992, performing for 5 years, before disbanding in 1997. They rejoined in 2002 and also since 2012, the group has contained Corey Taylor (lead vocals, guitar, piano) and also Jim source (guitar, keyboard) also of Slipknot, Josh edge (guitar) and also Roy Mayorga (drums, percussion).

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Initial members Joel Ekman (drums, percussion) and also Shawn Economaki (bass guitar) left the group in 2006 and also 2012 respectively. An ext »