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I"ve read your msgs, however I don"t see anything that can aid me. I"m reasoning In mine groups.yml, there is a code I"m absent like modifyworld or essentials.build yet I"ve tried modifyworld and also essentials.build however they don"t work-related My server adress is darkmatterhelix.mcpro.co or if friend don"t feel like coming, you can just leaving a code that will certainly make the where brand-new players/default players have the right to build,pickup items,sleep, etc? ns hope you join quickly due to the fact that my players space mad lol thanks!!!!!

I have the same problem. I put in that permission and I"m in the group that has actually it.Here"s component of the team permissions:groups: Member: default: true permissions: - modifyworld.* - essentials.build options: build: trueThen below, my user thing:users: Mechanic1c: group: - Member permissions: - "*" - essentials.buildWhat can be wrong?!EDIT: I figured out THE PROBLEM.There is a .jar in the plugins folder dubbed EssentialsAntiBuild. Delete it. Difficulty solved.
Can ns have aid I have the same difficulty too These space my plugins: mcore PermissionsEX ScrollingMenuSign ModifyworldiConomy Authme Essentials Essentialschat EssentialsProtectEssentialsantibuildEssentialsspawn factions factionmobsIve included these permissions for building:Modifyworld.*essentials.editterainessentials.modifyworldpermissions.interactessentialsbuild.*I just don"t recognize why it wont work.its really bugging me.
Hey males ive had to figure this out on mine own however if u go to google and type essentials command referral permisisons it will have a list. On the list there will be permisisons because that players to be able to interact with items,blocks,mobs and also moreAlso for your essentials config u need to take the # turn off from the spot the signs can do therefore u can have fancy signs and also for shop us.
guys i found out if you have actually all essentials .jar records remove antibuild and also protect that is the best way i uncovered out
essentials.buildPaste this in her permissions paper (plugins/permissionsex/permissions.yml)It works on mine server
the plugins of my server:chatmanageressentials (antibuild chat defend spawn)modifyworldpermissionsexworldeditworldguardCan someone tell me what the difficulty is if he/she knows?
It helps once you perform all the plugins for united state so us can find out what is bring about the trouble quicker.

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