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*Record scratch* *Freeze frame* describes a movie cliché in i beg your pardon a personality is presented by the sound of a vinyl document scratch followed by a frozen frame, i m sorry is generally followed by a voice-over narration that the character explaining just how they arrived in their existing predicament.

Some message based posts and videos linked with the cliché indicate the expression "Yup, that"s me. You"re more than likely wondering just how I obtained into this situation…"

Sometimes it"s simply a photo with the accompanying inscription "Yup, that"s me etc…". The style is likewise used in 4chan greentext stories.

Parody videos include a freeze structure of a video before something far-reaching is around to happen, (In a very comparable style to the to Be continued meme) v a sound clip that states "Yup, that"s me etc…" add by a cut of the track Baba O"Riley, by The Who, adhered to by a montage of the coming before events.


The trope Record Scratch Freeze Frame deserve to be discovered in plenty of movies, and is all-around a renowned cliché.

On December 19, 2010, "Robot Chicken: Star wars Episode III" aired, with the opening sketch having actually the first known circumstances of Record Scratch Freeze Frame that was add by the song "Baba O"Riley". In the sketch, Emperor Palpatine is thrown right into the death star"s reactor by Darth Vader, and as the falls, the movie stops and he reminisces around his past. This, together with the opening scene that "Premium Rush" (2012) popularized the use of the tune in memes later on.

The an initial online occurrence is most most likely 4chan around 2015: top top June 13th, 2015, a /tv/ <1> (television and also film) board user post a mock movie introductory succession in which a document scratches, the framework freezes and also a character start discussing just how they "got here" (shown below).


On January 19th, 2016, Twitter user
cbanks420lol post a snapshot of a crucified Jesus Christ captioned with the "Yup, that"s me…" joke (shown below). In the following week, various other Twitter users posted comparable tweets. This is most likely separate native the referenced 4chan threads.

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On November 13th, 2016, Twitter user
freezeframebot posted the earliest usage of the "Yup, that"s me." Baba O"Riley sound impact (shown below). The user himself cases he made the initial .wav sound used in the memes. The sound effect soon spread out to various other platforms, consisting of YouTube and Vine.

freeze frame pic.twitter.com/Y6bZjwuVKE

— Freeze framework Bot (


The YouTube channel Robthebig has posted a few videos roughly November 2016, featuring scene from various movies with "Yup, that"s me. You"re most likely wondering…" as part of the title. (However, the phrase isn"t heard in the yes, really video) The video features price quotes from the equivalent movie characters imposed on assorted scenes from the movies, every accompanied through "Baba O"Riley". (Example below)

On November 10th, 2016, president-elect Donald Trump went to the Oval Office to talk to Barack Obama about foreign and also domestic policy. Adhering to their meeting, lock met v reporters for a quick conference and photo opportunity. In one photo, a weary-looking Obama looks come the camera when shaking hands through Trump (shown below, left). The day, Twitter user