also the toughest weeds don’t stand a chance.Be the boss of your yard through the Rocket Weeder. Save your hand (and knees!) clean and your ground covering intact, while quiet tackling deep weeds. The extractor forks grab the weed roots and all, if the ergonomic manage pulls the weed and root up out of the ground. Then every that"s left is a push of the ejector button, i beg your pardon dumps the weed wherever you desire it. Every that, through no chemicals required.

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ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. Gets rid of even the toughest, greatest dandelions, thistles, and weeds through the roots without chemical weed killers.ERGONOMIC DESIGN. The long handle maximizes leverage and is basic on her back. Great for those with minimal mobility.QUICK and EASY. The stand Rocket Weeder"s foot pedal offers leverage to grab the weed by the root and also rock it out of the ground.BUILT to LAST. Powder coated long lasting steel construction, 37-inches tall, 7-inches wide. Weighs 4 lbs.

GUARANTEED because that LIFE to be cost-free from any kind of defect in products or workmanship.

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Easy, chemical-free weeding

The Rocket Weeder’s unique gripping action pulls out even the many stubborn weeds, leave no damage to the bordering ground. The ergonomic handle does many of the occupational by pulling the weed and roots up the end of the ground, and the ejector button drops the weed whereby you desire it, keeping your hands clean. Merely satisfying.




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