Welcome to component one of the CMG big-arsed scooter test (hmhhh, I wonder exactly how many kind of times I have the right to say that?).

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Big-arsed scooter test? Yes, big-arsed scooter test. Because we’d regulated to secure ourselves a Yamaha Majesty 400 as a long-termer for the year, we thought it would certainly only make sense to view what else there is out tbelow in the exact same category and check out exactly how they all compare. Hence the big-arsed scooter test.

Okay, as per usual with multi-bike tests, it’s as well big to slap in as a one-parter, so we’re going to break-up it right into two, via the second installment of their big-arsed scooter test being posted on CMG following week. So without better ado (or don’t), here’s the CMG big-arsed scooter test …


The 650 Burgman was offered a two-year cost-free ride.

Yep, the maxi-scoot is the baby-boomer’s ride of the future. Hopecompletely.

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In Canada, Suzuki was the initially significant manufacturer to jump into this blossoming industry with its 650 Burgman earlier in 2003. Although there were various other maxi-scoots in other sectors, for some factor the competition gave Suzuki a basic ride, and in 2004 Suzuki included to its sector share via a 400 variation.

It wasn’t until this year that the competition lastly woke up, with Honda bringing in their 600 Silverwing, Piaggio their 500 X9, Yamaha their Majesty 400 and Aprilia their Scarabeo 500.

This current development obviously screamed “comparo” (to us anymeans, yet then the CMG in-head voices scream the majority of points these days). Trouble is tbelow were just a few as well many to pick from, so we necessary to come up with some sort of threview through which to string them together.

How around $7,999.00?

‘arris and also Bobb condesign template life aboard the HMS Kingston ferry on their means to the U.S.

Engine-wise, they’re all liquid-cooled singles, with the Suzi coming in the smallest at 385cc, the Majesty next through 395cc and also the Piaggio X9 taking daddy condition with a stumpy-pulling 460cc. Piaggio are the only ones to publish a power number, which is a believable 39 hp, via the other 2 most likely coming in about the low 30s.

All electric motors come with four-valves (the Yamaha being the only DOHC), fuel injection, respond to balancers and “twist and also go” CVT (Constantly Variable Transmission). Claimed dry weight is approximately the 200 kg note, with the little Burgman weighing in the lightest at a helium-filled-balloon choose 184 Kg.

It appears that scooter wheels come in either 13 or 14 inch diameters, with Piaggio opting for the bigger 14 inchers, Suzuki the smaller sized 13 inchers and Yamaha undetermined with a 14” front and 13” rear.

Braking on the Maj and Burgy is by single disc up front, via the X9 going all fancy-prefer via twin discs and also a linking of front and ago on the left lever before – which the Burgmale additionally has actually concerned think of it … that’ll be the attached brakes, not the twin discs.

Left to right – Burgguy, ‘arris, Majesty (avec lewis), X9.

I can go on, but also I’m gaining bored, and besides there’s a really handy ‘comparator’ listed below, which will do the same thing, sans searing boredom-inducing self-mutilation.

Bugger, I required that finger …

Oh hang on, one last factoid; As much as under-seat luggage capacity, the Majesty takes the cocoa extended biscuit through 60 litres of space, the Burgman gets an oatmeal cookie with 55 litres and the Piaggio gets a No-Name brand also wafer-thin for not publishing that truth at all (although we understand it’s the smallest dimension from experience).

And that’s that for tat … I intend that.

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Damn nine-fingered typing.

In component 2 we go right into detail on what we believed around each of the three scoots and wrap it all up through our last thoughts, yet for now, let’s perform a little bit of a teaser of our thoughts with the human being renowned CMG Comparator …