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over the years, we have helped hundreds of thousands of application developers measure,monetize, and also grow your businesses in order to capitalize top top the next app trend.

us were there as soon as the app store launched in 2008, identified the tablet in 2010, known China as the largest smartphone market in 2012, and also called the supremacy of the phablet an equipment in 2015. Through eight year of insights and also developer tools under ours belt, us can’t wait to assist you build what’s next.

join us at Yahoo’s third Mobile Developer Conference to learn from the brightest minds in the industry. Listen what’s new with the Yahoo cell phone Developer Suite, learn about the latest app trends and also our predictions because that 2016. This invitation-only event is a full day conference ~ above February 18th in san Francisco.

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Keynote Speaker

Marissa Mayer

President & CEO

Keynote Speaker

Simon Khalaf

SVP, posting Products

February 18th / Discussion, Breakouts, and Cocktails

Breakfast and also registration


Welcome & Morning Keynotes

MDC Keynote Marissa Mayer, president & CEO, kicks off the Conference

The State of cell phone 2016 Simon Khalaf, SVP, Publishing commodities shares the latest insights and trends ~ above the cell phone industry and also user app behavior.


Yahoo cell phone Developer Suite

Learn around the latest improvements to the Yahoo mobile Developer Suite, consisting of Flurry Analytics and also Yahoo application Publishing.


The State of Native

Explore the latest trends on how worldwide developers use aboriginal ads come monetize their application experiences.


What"s Next? The message Revolution

Messaging and also social apps dominated users fist in 2015, commanding 1/3 of all smart phone intake time. As customers invest much more of your time into messaging apps, an sector is building itself on optimal of this platforms in the kind of chat commerce, bots and the AI concierge. Join us as we talk about these trends, the chance for app developers, and also the apps and also bots steering the innovation.

Moderator: Jon Paris, senior Product Director, Yahoo Shane Mac, CEO & Co-Founder, aid Robin Chan, CEO & Founder, Operator Buster Benson, Product lead of Platform, Slack kris Messina, Developer suffer Lead, Uber




Afternoon Kick-Off & Keynote

Teach Your application to Speak: Marketing in the content Age Max Sebela, Brand Marketing, will talk about how to analyze your mobile application into wealthy content, and also how can attach you through passionate and engaged users approximately the globe.

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Best methods for structure Your application Business: Grow, Retain, Monetize

The application Lifecycle

What prompts a user come download her app? What is going to re-engage a lapsed user? during this session, we will certainly answer these an essential questions and also more.

David Iudica, Sr. Director, global Research & Insights, Yahoo

App store Insights v Mobile Action

discover the latest app Store insights and also how come optimize your application Store suffer through Flurry Analytics and other tools.

Aykut Karaalioglu, cell phone Action, Founder & CEO

Building Sustainable development Models

afford product “growth” is an ext than user salvation channels, expansion hacks, and also tactics. This presentation explores expansion models, product market fit and also sustainable methods to employ.

Sergei Sorokin, Product Manager, Yahoo

Case Study: PicCollage

Learn just how to leverage the finest of Flurry analysis to boost user acquisition, engagement and retention, favor our companion PicCollage.

Angela Ting, Product Manager, PicCollage man Fan, CEO, PicCollage Karan Rathod, Sr Product Manager, Yahoo

Data moved Monetization: Leveraging analysis to Monetize Your app Experience

You"ve built an app and have attracted quality users however how do you decide who to present ads to and also what kind of ads have to you use? Learn how you have the right to use Flurry Analytics and Yahoo app Publishing come maximize revenue and also user retention.

Clare Dunnett, Director, partner Management, Yahoo Bisera Ferrero, Sr Mgr, cell phone Developer Platform, Yahoo

Monetization in Action

Hear from our partner on finest practices for successfully implementing indigenous and video clip ads.

Moderator: Torrey Lincoln, Sr Dr, Yahoo application Publishing, Yahoo Richard Lee, manager of International company Development, Baidu Haridas Nair, VP organization Development, Blackberry Messenger Greg Woock, CEO, Pinger