I don"t think that"s right, however I"m not certain what else to do. And also where to go from there.



We have to use the initial values for the general solution$$y=c_1sin x+c_2cos x+y_p$$the details solution is$$y_p=Axsin x+Bxcos x$$$$A=0,B=frac12$$so the general solution is$$y=c_1sin x+c_2cos x+fracx2cos x$$now you can use the initial values to find the $A$ and also $B$


$y"" + y = -sin x$

solve the homogeneous equation

$y = c_1 sin t + c_2 cos x + y_p$

Undetermined coefficients.

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$y = A xsin x + Bxcos x$

Why $A x sin x + B xcos x,$ and also not the more simple-minded $A sin x + B cos x$?

$A sin x + B cos x$ is already component of the homogeneous solution. So, when we plug it into the diff eq, that is going to "go away." We need something that when distinguished (twice) has actually a component that amounts to $-sin x$ yet is not in the homogeneous solution.

$y" = Asin x + Bcos x - B xsin x + Axcos x\y"" = -2B sin x + 2Acos x - A xsin x + Bxcos x\ y""+y = -2B sin x + 2Acos x = -sin x\B = frac 12, A = 0$

$y = c_1 sin t + c_2 cos x + frac 12 x cos x\y(0) = C_2 = 0\y"(0) = C_1 = 0$

$y = frac 12 xcos x$

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