Serena K. Fleites, 19, was 14 once a boy she had actually a crush on asked her to make a naked video and sfinish it to him. She did, and also it finished up on Pornhub.Credit...Rachel Bujalski for The New York Times

This write-up consists of descriptions of sexual assault.

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Pornhub prides itself on being the cheery, winking face of naughty, the webwebsite that buys a billboard in Times Square and also gives scurrently plows to clear Boston roadways. It donates to organizations fighting for racial etop quality and offers steamy content totally free to acquire world through Covid-19 shutdowns.

That supposedly “wholesome Pornhub” attracts 3.5 billion visits a month, more than Netflix, Yahoo or Amazon. Pornhub rakes in money from practically three billion ad impressions a day. One ranking lists Pornhub as the 10th-most-went to webwebsite in the world.

Yet there’s one more side of the company: Its website is infested through rape videos. It monetizes son rapes, revenge pornography, spy video camera videos of woguys showering, racist and also misogynist content, and also footage of womales being asphyxiated in plastic bags. A search for “girls under18” (no space) or “14yo” leads in each situation to more than 100,000 videos. Most aren’t of children being struck, but too many are.

After a 15-year-old girl went lacking in Florida, her mommy uncovered her on Pornhub — in 58 sex videos. Sexual assaults on a 14-year-old The golden state girl were posted on Pornhub and also were reported to the authorities not by the company however by a classmate who observed the videos. In each case, offenders were arrested for the assaults, but Pornhub escaped responsibility for sharing the videos and profiting from them.

Pornhub is favor YouTube in that it permits members of the public to post their own videos. A good majority of the 6.8 million brand-new videos posted on the website yearly more than likely involve consenting adults, however many kind of depict child abuse and also nonconsensual violence. Because it’s difficult to be certain whether a youth in a video clip is 14 or 18, neither Pornhub nor anyone else has actually a clear principle of exactly how a lot content is illegal.

Unlike YouTube, Pornhub allows these videos to be downloaded directly from its website. So even if a rape video is rerelocated at the research of the authorities, it might currently be as well late: The video resides on as it is shared via others or uploaded aobtain and aobtain.

“Pornhub became my trafficker,” a womale named Cali told me. She claims she was embraced in the USA from China and also then trafficked by her adoptive family and also required to show up in pornographic videos beginning when she was 9. Some videos of her being aboffered ended up on Pornhub and also frequently reshow up there, she sassist.

“I’m still obtaining marketed, even though I’m five years out of that life,” Cali said. Now 23, she is studying in a university and also hoping to come to be a lawyer — however those old videos hang over her.

“I might never before be able to get amethod from this,” she sassist. “I may be 40 with eight children, and civilization are still masturbating to my photos.”

“You form ‘Young Asian’ and also you deserve to probably find me,” she included.

Actually, possibly not. Pornhub freshly was offering 26,000 videos in response to that search. That doesn’t count videos that show up under “connected searches” that Pornhub says, including “young tiny teen,” “extra tiny petite teenager,” “tiny Oriental teen” or simply “young girl.” Nor does it necessarily count videos on a Pornhub channel called “exploited teen Asia.”

The problem is not pornography however rape. Let’s agree that cultivating attacks on children or on anyone without consent is unconscionable. The problem through Bill Cosby or Harvey Weinstein or Jeffrey Epstein was not the sex however the lack of consent out — and so it is with Pornhub.

I came across many type of videos on Pornhub that were recordings of assaults on unconscious women and girls. The rapists would certainly open up the eyelids of the victims and also touch their eyeballs to display that they were nonresponsive.

Pornhub profited this fall from a video clip of a naked woguy being tortured by a gang of men in China. It is monetizing video compilations via titles like “Screaming Teen,” “Degraded Teen” and “Extreme Choking.” Look at a choking video and it might imply likewise in search of “She Can’t Breathe.”

It should be feasible to be sex positive and also Pornhub negative.

Pornhub decreased to make executives available on the record, yet it offered a statement. “Pornhub is unequivocally committed to combating son sex-related abuse product, and has actually instituted a substantial, industry-leading trust and also security policy to identify and also eradicate illegal material from our neighborhood,” it shelp. Pornhub added that any assertion that the firm permits kid videos on the website “is irresponsible and also flagrantly untrue.”


At 14, Serena K. Fleites was an A student in Bakersarea, Calif., that had never before made out via a boy. But in the eighth grade she arisen a crush on a boy a year older, and also he asked her to take a naked video of herself. She sent out it to him, and also this readjusted her life.

He asked for another, then another; she was nervous yet flattered. “That’s when I started getting starray looks in college,” she remembered. He had shared the videos via other boys, and also someone posted them on Pornhub.

Fleites’s world imploded. It’s tough enough to be 14 without having actually your classmates entertain themselves by looking at you naked, and then mocking you as a slut. “People were texting me, if I didn’t send them a video clip, they were going to send them to my mom,” she said.


Serena Fleites, now living in her auto with three dogs, states, “A entirety life deserve to be readjusted bereason of one bit mistake.”Crmodify...Rachel Bujalski for The New York Times
The boy was suspended, but Fleites began skipping course bereason she couldn’t bear the shame. Her mommy encouraged Pornhub to rerelocate the videos, and Fleites switched institutions. But rumors reached the brand-new school, and shortly the videos were uploaded aget to Pornhub and also other websites.

Fleites quarreled with her mommy and began cutting herself. Then at some point she saw the medicine cabinet and also took every antidepressant pill she could discover.

Three days later, she woke up in the hospital, frustrated to be still alive. Next she hanged herself in the bathroom; her little bit sister found her, and medics revived her.

As Fleites spiraled downward, a frifinish introduced her to meth and also opioids, and she became addicted to both. She dropped out of school and ended up being homeless.

At 16, she advertised on Craigslist and started marketing naked photos and videos of herself. It was a method to make a little of money, and also probably also a way to punish herself. She assumed, “I’m not worth anything any kind of even more because everybody has actually currently checked out my body,” she told me.

Those videos likewise ended up on Pornhub. Fleites would ask that they be removed. They normally would be, she states — however then would certainly be uploaded aobtain. One naked video of her at 14 had 400,000 views, she claims, leaving her afrhelp to use for fast-food tasks for fear that someone would certainly recognize her.

So this day Fleites, 19, off drugs for a year but unemployed and also traumatized, is living in her car in Bakersarea, in addition to 3 dogs that have verified even more loyal and also loving than the human species. She desires of coming to be a vet technician but isn’t sure how to gain tbelow. “It’s kind of tough to go to college when you’re living in a auto via dogs,” she shelp.

“I was dumb,” she recognized, noting that she had never imagined that the videos can be shared digital. “It was one little point that a teenager does, and also it’s crazy exactly how it turns into somepoint so much bigger.

“A whole life have the right to be changed because of one bit mistake.”


The trouble goes much beyond one company. Undoubtedly, a rival of Pornhub, XVideos, which arguably has actually also fewer scruples, may attract more tourists. Depictions of boy abusage also show up on mainstream sites choose Twitter, Reddit and Facebook. And Google supports the business models of suppliers that grow on son moleterminal.

Google returns 920 million videos on a search for “young porn.” Top hits include a video clip of a naked “very young teen” engaging in sex acts upon XVideo together with a video on Pornhub whose title is unprintable below.

I asked the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to compile the variety of imeras, videos and also various other content regarded child sexual exploitation reported to it yearly. In 2015, it received reports of 6.5 million videos or various other files; in 2017, 20.6 million; and also in 2019, 69.2 million.

Facebook removed 12.4 million images concerned boy exploitation in a three-month duration this year. Twitter closed 264,000 accounts in 6 months last year for engaging in sex-related exploitation of children. By contrast, Pornhub notes that the Internet Watch Foundation, an England-based nonprofit that combats kid sexual abuse imagery, reported just 118 instances of son sexual abuse imagery on its website over virtually 3 years, seemingly a negligible number. “Eliminating illegal content is an continuous battle for eexceptionally modern content platdevelop, and also we are committed to staying at the forefront,” Pornhub shelp in its statement.

The Web Watch Foundation couldn’t explain why its figure for Pornhub is so low. Perhaps it’s bereason world on Pornhub are inured to the material and also unmost likely to report it. But if you understand what to look for, it’s possible to discover hundreds of apparent child sexual abusage videos on Pornhub in 30 minutes. Pornhub has actually newly offered playlists via names consisting of “less than 18,” “the finest arsenal of young boys” and “under- - age.”

Congress and successive poccupants have actually done nearly nothing as this difficulty has actually grvery own. The technology world that made it possible has actually been greatly passive, in a defensive crouch. But pioneering reporting in 2019 by my Times colleagues has actually prodded Congress to begin debating completing techniques to deal with child exploitation.

Concerns about Pornhub are bubbling up. A petition to shut the site dvery own has actually obtained 2.1 million signatures. Senator Ben Sasse, a Nebraska Republideserve to, dubbed on the Justice Department to investigate Pornhub. PayPal reduced off solutions for the company, and also crmodify card service providers have actually been asked to do the exact same. An company referred to as Traffickinghub, led by an activist named Laila Mickelwait, papers abuses and also calls for the site to be shut down. Twenty members of Canada’s Parliament have dubbed on their government to crack dvery own on Pornhub, which is successfully based in Montactual.

“They made money off my pain and experiencing,” an 18-year-old woman called Taylor told me. A boyfrifinish privately made a video of her perdeveloping a sex act as soon as she was 14, and it ended up on Pornhub, the police evidenced. “I visited institution the following day and everybody was looking at their phones and me as I walked dvery own the hall,” she added, weeping as she spoke. “They were laughing.”

Taylor said she has actually twice attempted suicide bereason of the humiliation and also trauma. Like others quoted below, she agreed to tell her story and help document it because she believed it can help other girls stop experiencing as she did.


Pornhub is owned by Mindgeek, a personal pornography conglomeprice with even more than 100 websites, production companies and also brands. Its sites encompass Redtube, Youporn, XTube, SpankWire, ExtremeTube,, My Dirty Hobby, Thumbzilla, PornMD, Brazzers and GayTube. There are other major players in porn outside the Mindgeek umbrella, the majority of notably XHamster and also XVideos, however Mindgeek is a porn titan. If it operated in one more sector, the Justice Department might be discussing an antitrust instance against it.

Pornhub and Mindgeek also stand also out because of their affect. One study this year by a digital marketing agency concluded that Pornhub was the modern technology firm with the 3rd greatest-impact on society in the 2first century, after Facebook and also Google but ahead of Microsoft, Apple and Amazon.

Nominally based in Luxembourg for taxation factors, Mindgeek is a personal company run from Montreal. It does not discshed who owns it, yet it is led by Feras Antoon and David Tassillo, both Canadians, that declined to be interperceived.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada calls himself a feminist and has been proud of his government’s initiatives to empower women international. So a question for Trudeau and also all Canadians: Why does Canada organize a firm that inflicts rape videos on the world?

Mindgeek’s moderators are charged via filtering out videos of children, but its company version earnings from sex videos starring young people.

“The goal for a content moderator is to let as much content as possible go through,” a former Mindgeek employee told me. He said he thought that the top executives weren’t evil but were concentrated above all on maximizing revenue.

While Pornhub would not tell me just how many type of moderators it employs, I interregarded one that shelp that tright here are about 80 global who occupational on Mindgeek sites (by compariboy, Facebook told me it has actually 15,000 moderators). With 1.36 million new hrs of video uploaded a year to Pornhub, that indicates that each moderator would need to review thousands of hrs of content each week.

The moderators rapid forward with videos, however it’s regularly tough to assess whether a person is 14 or 18, or whether torture is genuine or fake. Most of the underage content entails adolescents, the moderator I spoke via shelp, yet some originates from spy cams in toilets or transforming rooms and also shows children just 8 to 12.

“The project in itself is soul-damaging,” the moderator said.

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Pornhub shows up to be significantly alequipped around civil or criminal licapacity. Lawyers are circling, and also nine womales sued the agency in federal court after spy cam videos surconfronted on Pornhub. The videos were shot in a locker room at Limestone College in South Carolina and proved womales showering and transforming clothes.