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The Tier 6 Xindi-Insectoid Olaen heavy Escort carrier isn"t as rapid or nimble as comparable ships in its class, yet it renders up for this with extr durability, powerful shields and the ability to start fighter craft.The Xindi-Insectoid Olaen heavy Escort Carrier comes equipped through a . The swarming bio-matter produced by this incubator has a rudimentary animal-like level the intelligence. It has been engineered to seek out adversaries in an are combat, in an effort to degenerate their ships" hull capacity and maneuverability. It is loaded into a projectile casing for delivery, plan to affect against one enemy"s hull through explosive force before delivering the organic payload.

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This universal console likewise provides a passive buff come Kinetic and Physical damages Resistance Rating.This vessel has actually a heavy weapon slot that comes equipped through .This vessel has actually 1 hangar bay that comes equipped through This ship features two professional seats: a lieutenant Tactical/Pilot seat and a Lieutenant command Science/Command seat.
Tier: 6Faction: AllRank Required: 40Hull Strength:Level 40: 33,000Level 50: 37,950Level 60: 44,000Shield Modifier: 1.15Weapons: 4 Fore, 3 AftDevice Slots: 2Bridge Officer Stations:Lieutenant Tactical/Pilot command TacticalLieutenant design Lieutenant commander Science/CommandLieutenant UniversalConsole Modifications: 5 Tactical 3 engineering 3 ScienceBase turn Rate: 14.5 degrees per secondImpulse Modifier: 0.18Inertia: 60+10 Weapon Power+5 Shield Power+5 auxiliary PowerCan Load dual CannonsExperimental heavy Weapon SlotHangar Bays: 1 Starship Mastery PackagePrecise Weapon Systems+5% AccuracyTactical Maneuevering+5% DefenseQuick Deployment20% recharge time palliation to launching carrier pet crafts.+50% rank Up XP for all Hanger PetsDevastating Weaponry+2.5% vital ChanceCouncil Of thought (Starship Trait)Benefit native the awareness available by having coordinated allies nearby, getting Defense and Damage Resistance because that each ally within 10km.Hangar Pets contribute to the adjacent ally count, however Mines, Turrets or Targetable Torpedoes execute not.