Xbox upstream Wireless Controller has actually not been a good success because that Microsoft. Plenty of users experienced troubles with faulty bumpers, pole drifts, and other defects. Because of this issues, Microsoft encounters a class-action lawsuit. 

The company later released the Microsoft Xbox upstream Controller collection 2, which has not proved as a more reliable option. Microsoft received a many complaints around the maker and made decision to change the warranty plan for it. Check out what warranty transforms Microsoft introduced and also learn just how to paper a warranty insurance claim for your Microsoft upstream Controller.

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What go Microsoft upstream Controller vouch Entail?

Microsoft has changed the warranty duration for Xbox elite Controller collection 2 due to the fact that a many of world reported mechanical issues, together as:

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Launch problemsDrifting thumbsticksConnectivity disruptionsSticky or unresponsive buttons

Instead the 90 days, the warranty lasts a year now. The covers the defects in product or workmanship.

If you’ve already paid because that a repair of your Microsoft elite Controller before these changes, you can get a refund.—The Easiest means To claim Microsoft Controller Warranty is the most efficient means of submitting a Microsoft Controller vouch claim! through our easy-to-use app, girlfriend can case a guarantee in minutes. Every you need to do is:

Access the Claim vouch featureSelect the Warranty top top a purchased Item optionAnswer a couple of questions about the concern you space experiencing with your Microsoft deviceHit Submit


When you complete these steps, we’ll create a claim letter on her behalf. Girlfriend don’t need to bother sending out the letter come Microsoft; we’ll do that because that you. You have the right to expect Microsoft’s to represent to call you and also tell girlfriend the result of your claim.

We can also assist you paper a warranty claim for your other devices, such together your laptop, iPhone, or to apologize AirPods.

How To file a Microsoft upstream Controller warranty by Yourself 

You have the right to request a fix of her Xbox elite Controller via the Xbox’s Support page. below is exactly how to do it:

Log in to your Microsoft accountVisit the assistance PageScroll down and also enter your Xbox upstream Controller’s serial numberFollow the instructions and also finalize your request

You can discover the serial number within the battery department of her controller. If you have actually the Xbox elite Controller series 2, girlfriend can uncover the serial number ~ above the earlier of her device. The number has fourteen digits and also no dashes. 

Microsoft can not identify your controller’s serial number if you have actually never associated it. This case might additionally happen in situation you linked your controller for the an initial time less than 48 hours before checking the warranty. helps You paper an appeal if Microsoft Denies her Claim

Microsoft may not expropriate your warranty case the first time you paper it. If your insurance claim gets rejected, don’t despair! can assist you record an appeal and also win the case! 

We will certainly compose an appeal letter and send it come Microsoft. What you must do is:

Open the Claim Warranty optionChoose Appeal a denied Warranty ClaimGive the information around your initial claimClick on Submit


Microsoft have to reach the end to friend directly and also give you information about the result of your case.

What various other Warranties deserve to aid You With?

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below are some of the warranties we can aid you claim:

Car WarrantiesHome Warranties can also serve you together a overview to discovering the ideal home guarantee in America. You have the right to read our residence warranty reviews and find the one that’s ideal for her home.

With ours app, you can get more information around extended warranties for provided cars and also ways to take care of the dealers that refuse to cancel your expanded warranty. 

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