Use this guide to remove your Xbox 360"s GPU warmth sink. Before reinstalling the warm sink, be certain to apply a brand-new layer of thermal paste.

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In the next couple of steps, friend will use the guideline of a spudger or the finger of one Xbox 360 opening tool to relax the clips along the left and right sides of the bottom vent. Their locations are emphasize in red.

Run her spudger along the edge of the faceplate to release the clips securing it come the prior of the console.

You might also attain this job by making use of the leaf of the Xbox 360 opened tool, however it may scratch the plastic case.

The upper and also lower cases are attached via numerous latches, located in the front and back of the console. These latches must be disengaged to different the upper instance from the console.

Press the Xbox 360 opening device down into the clips securing the lower instance to the upper situation near the I/O ports.

While pushing the upper and lower cases apart, usage the guideline of a spudger or the finger of one Xbox 360 opening device to push the long clip emphasize in red toward the center of the 360.

Slightly lift the optical drive upwards to obtain clearance to disconnect the SATA and power connectors located on the backside that the optical drive.

Insert the flat finish of a spudger right into the tiny rectangular opened on the height of the cooling pan duct.

While lifting the steel chassis strip above the dual fans, pull the fans towards the facility of the motherboard.

Some fan connectors have a locking tab. If yours has actually a locking tab, be sure to boring it while disconnecting the fan from the motherboard.

Use the flat end of a spudger to relax the clips securing the RF module shield follow me the top and also the left edge of the RF module.

Insert the pointer of a tiny flathead screwdriver in between the X clamp and also its retaining article on the warm sink.

While stop the third arm that the X clamp down against the short article attached come the heat sink, use a tiny flathead driver to pry the X clamp far from the warm sink post.

As friend pry, push down ~ above the arm of the X clamp until you "walk" that down into the retaining groove reduced into the article attached come the warm sink.

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