Hello everyone and welcome back to Monday Night Raw! this evening is the go-home execution of Raw prior to Money in the Bank! We right here at rings News World also want come send out our deepest condolences come the victim of the shoot in Orlando this weekend, and to the LGBT ar at large. This to be a terrible, disastrous tragedy and also I hope that the civilization gathers together to spread love after this and also not shot to usage it come their an individual agendas.

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Question the the Week: If you might give any type of NXT superstar a "re-debut" or a restart on the key roster that would it be and also why?


Raw opens up with all the superstar on the phase for a minute of silence because that the victim of the assaults in Orlando.


Kofi- Wooooo. This Sunday at Money in the bank only on the WWE Network the new Day will defend our WWE civilization Tag Team Championships! against not one, oh no! not two, five no! but three various other teams! but who room these other teams!?

Woods and huge E stare down at Kofi's sneakers.

Kofi- You're not who-ing, this is where we who.

Woods- Why are you wearing these old human being shoes?

Kofi- Nah, these are the Steph Curry shoes. This are warm in the streets right now.

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E- What streets?! Connecticut?

Kofi- I typical those room some warm streets.

E- You gained on orthopezes.

Woods- The "I've fallen and can't acquire up 12's"

E- The Shuffleboard 6's

Kofi- Look ns don't treatment what girlfriend say, what anyone states these shoes space fire baby! I'm a shoe guy. Regardless of our shoes, at Money in the financial institution we will walk out v these titles around our waists? Why BECAUUUSE.

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E- new DAY ROCKS!--

Enzo and also Cass interupt

Enzo- MY surname IS ENZO AMORE and I to be A CERTIFIED G and also A BONAFIDE STUD and YOU CAN'T TEACH THAT! and THIS RIGHT here IS big CASS and also HE'S 7 FOOT TALL and also YOU CAN'T TEACH THAT! BADA eight REALIST males IN THE ROOM how YOU DOIN!?

Woods- We're good actually.

Cass- This Sunday in ~ Money in the financial institution me and Zo have our very first chance in ~ the tag Team Championships and we room going to Vegas, we're going every in, and we're walking out with the titles. Us all cool, us cool with everything you've to be doing. Her unicorns, her cereal, her massagers because that "her pleasure" sticking the end of her foreheads.

brand-new Day- Yup. Yup. Yup.

Cass- however if we're gonna be teaming up tonight I've acquired one question....Kofi space you significant with those Jerry Seinfeld pair of shoes you obtained on?!

Woods and E- OOHHH HE acquired YOU HE got YOU!

Woods- convey it's the I have a Bass agree Shop Membership map 9s.

Kofi- Respect her veteran! Respect the shoes!

Cass- He's ideal let's talk about something else, let's talk around Franny. Your girl Franchesca 2, is your girl right. Wherein was she critical night. Critical night she was with Enzo.

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Woods- No...

Cass- and also Enzo had his lips anywhere her!

Enzo- girlfriend wanna talk about Franny there. Franky. Franny. Last night we can have been in new Orleans yet she's no Saint. I had actually Franny out on Bourbon Street, i was putting bourbon down her lip piece. What a wonderful world and also I to be playing through her choose Louie Armstrong. Enzo had her going all NIGHT LONG!