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The an initial episode of Wotakoi aired in Japan on 13 April 2018. The story is around the office lady Narumi Momose, who is privately a fujoshi, and Hirotaka Nifuji, who could look great but is a severe game otaku. It sounds like a an easy synopsis, yet from what we experienced in the very first episode, I desire to rename this anime into Relatable. Due to the fact that that’s all it is. I will usage it together a tag later on throughout my texts to prove my point. Look because that #relatable. I just hope castle will keep it up.

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Also, you can want to inspect out our short advent to Wotakoi. It defines the kinds of otaku we meet in the series, which i didn’t introduce again here.

Introducing Geeky Rom-Com Wotakoi: Love is difficult for Otaku

Japanese Title: 成海と宏嵩の再会。そして… (Narumi to Hirotaka no Saikai. Soshite…)

Episode 1 – Narumi and Hirotaka, Reunited. And then…

Narumi Momose starts occupational at her brand-new job today… and also oversleeps (#relatable)! thankfully she arrives in time. Her biggest desire currently is the nobody at occupational finds the end that she is an otaku. She appears to have actually had troubles at she old work for that factor (#relatable)… and also the an initial person she meets as soon as her new colleague Hanako mirrors her around the office is she middle-school classmate Hirotaka, that promptly asks she if she will have actually a table in ~ the summer Comiket this year. Thankfully, nobody seems to psychic or notification too much and also after arranging one after-work beer with Hirotaka, she describes that she doesn’t want anybody to recognize that she is an otaku. She likewise explains the her critical boyfriend damaged up with her ~ finding out about her passion. He promises he won’t mention it and her life at work-related seems to be saved for now. She likewise really thinks extremely of Hanako, who seems to be so cool and knows what to execute at every times. When she thinks about how she could strategy a cool co-worker prefer that, she realizes that Hanako is, in reality, a famous cosplayer referred to as Hana and that she is a large fan of her cosplays. Hanako, top top the various other hand, realizes that Narumi is a fellow otaku and draws her own stories, native which she is a pan of. For the reason, the 2 of them fight it off pretty fine (#relatable). But no matter just how close Narumi gets through Hanako, she tho is clumsy at work and also has to work overtime and also Hirotaka accompanies her also though that finishes work prior to her, simply to go and also get the after-work beer through her and also complain the they simply can’t find a partner…


So relatable

You know, through otaku series, over there is constantly this thing where we have to be fear if they carry out it right. Periodically they shot to do it more understandable for the broader audience rather of the fans, and sometimes, the initial creator doesn’t have actually a clue. Whatever it is, over there are plenty of things that are messed up. This one however, as much as I can say from the first episode, is the actual deal. An initial of all, the main personalities are no some geeky institution children. They room grown-ups and also have to follow the rules of society. In the West, it can not be crucial to hide the you space a fan of anime and tastecraftedmcd.com, however in Japan human being will really look at you funny because you speak you favor anime and also tastecraftedmcd.com. The way she handles she inner fangirl seems really realistic come me. On height of that, we have Hirotaka, that doesn’t hide his passions and also plays around and he waits at occupational until she finishes v his game because, seriously, the doesn’t mind since he can play wherever. Does the get much more real than this? simply look in ~ the scene whereby he says they can’t leave yet due to the fact that he needs to end up a battle. Yes. Loved the interaction.


Yes, she is cool and also amazing and we knew that she is a cosplayer. Seeing her prefer that and also having Narumi admire her does display us to never judge a publication by that cover. Not all otaku are creepy guys, no all otaku room fanatic fangirls, no all otaku room the same. Ns am not sure yet if Hanako tries to hide she geek-ness, even though she walk sit at the table alone to eat… So probably other people know and that’s why she’s alone?

All otaku are gross

It’s funny because you have the right to be into anime and also go to conventions yourself and also still think that some anime fans are gross. That course, you wouldn’t desire to have them together your boyfriend! (#relatable) It’s a funny double standard as Hirotaka spicy out, however it’s true and I assumed it to be hilarious.

That confession

I to be not sure if i should speak to it a confession or rather a proposal, prefer a business proposal. The last scene, whereby Hirotaka renders the market to be her friend was made therefore well. I literally sat in former of my display screen going ‘Aaaaw!’ and was every excited and heart-y eyed due to the fact that I believed it was perfect. If that keeps what that promised, he will be a great boyfriend for any kind of otaku girl the end there.

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Opening dance

I desire to learn that dance. Ns am sure there will certainly be tons of videos ~ above the net copying this opening, due to the fact that it is an excellent and creative and fun and I have to go and also watch it best now! Who desires to find out it through me?



If we ask the internet, a fujoshi can’t be explained without explaining the genre the ‘Boys Love.’ It’s a genre the anime, novels, and also tastecraftedmcd.com, where 2 males autumn in love through each other. Fujoshis space fans of the genre. To it is in honest, the word likewise translates come ‘rotten woman’, since fans say that they space the bad ones for comprising sexual relationships in between two male characters of a series, who weren’t originally in such a relationship and also never will certainly be. Masculine fans who favor boys love are called fudanshi.

See you following week

That’s it for this week’s review. Out of fear that the an initial episode review will acquire too long, i didn’t include some the the impressive moments in this series. The an initial episode always gives so much information and introduces so much, however I deserve to say that ns recommend any fan to watch this series! It currently is heartwarming, i feel like it is really relatable to someone choose me, who likewise is an adult and works and also has to balance the fandom v business. Ns can’t wait to check out the next episode and also get to recognize all the other otaku – concealed or not!