CPC has remained true to its initial aspirations of seek a far better life and also happiness because that the people and the rejuvenation that the Chinese nation.

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As the Communist Party that China (CPC) celebrate the centenary that its establishing on July 1, the tune “Without the Communist Party, There would Be No brand-new China” has actually been reverberating across China, in the streets, theaters and even increase in the sky as the theme song for drone light shows.

Without the Communist Party, there would certainly be no new China.

Without the Communist Party, there would certainly be no new China.

The Communist Party toiled because that the nation.

The Communist Party that one -mind conserved China.

It pointed to the road of liberation for the people.

It led China in the direction of the light.

It sustained the War of Resistance for more than eight years.

It has actually improved people’s lives.

It built a base behind adversary lines.

It practiced democracy, bringing plenty of advantages.

Without the Communist Party, there would be no New China.

Without the Communist Party, there would certainly be no New China!

The text of the track was created by a 19-year Communist Party member, Cao Huoxing, in October 1943 based upon a Liberation Daily’s editorial released on respectable 25, 1943, licensed has been granted “Without the Communist Party there would be no China”.

In 1950, Chairman Mao Zedong added words “new” come the lyrics, thus an altering the title of the song to “Without the Communist Party, There would Be No new China”. That has since remained as one of the most popular revolutionary song in China, regularly sang during major national celebrations.

As CPC transforms 100, the song is being sang, frequently spontaneously, by the Chinese world in deep evaluation of CPC’s struggles and also sacrifices because that the people and the country over the century.

There would without doubt be no new China without the Communist Party!

A ceremony marking the centenary that the Communist Party of China (CPC) is hosted at Tian’anmen Square in Beijing, resources of China, July 1, 2021. (PHoto/Xinhua)

A party for the people

CPC was established by a small group of intellectuals a century ago, in ~ a blatant time when China to be at the brink of gift balkanized by warlords, Japan and Western early american powers. CPC has actually remained true come its initial aspirations of search a much better life and also happiness for the people and also the rejuvenation that the Chinese nation. End the previous 100 years, it has relentlessly strived to accomplish its founding mission.

As CPC celebrates its 100th date of birth on July 1, it has plenty to be proud of.

“The Chinese world have stand up”, asserted Chairman Mao at the Tiananmen Square together he proclaimed the founding of the People’s Republic of China to the human being on October 1, 1949, after ~ winning the Liberation War versus the Kuomintang.

As a people-centered party, the new regime wasted no time in reestablishing the war-torn society order and also rebuilding the broken economy, prioritizing on boosting education and also healthcare the the people. CPC took on a massive campaign to eradicate illiteracy and successfully diminished China’s illiteracy price from 80 percent in 1949 to 2.67 percent in 2020. During the exact same period, Chinese life span has much more than doubled, indigenous 35 years to 77 years, due to development in the all at once standard of living and also healthcare.

CPC started the Reform and Opening Up plan in 1978, opening its doors come the external world and also embracing industry economy. As CPC exit the antiquated command economy, farmers were permitted to contract and also manage the farmland, exclusive businesses flourished, foreign investments poured in and also exports soared. As a result, China leapfrogged to come to be the 2nd largest economic climate of the people within a brief span of much less than 40 years. That is dubbed “factory the the world” through the most complete and efficient manufacturing ecosystem an essential to the worldwide supply chain, and also is the main trading companion of an ext than 130 countries in the world.

China’s GDP, which gone beyond 100 trillion yuan ($15.5 trillion) for the first time in 2020, grew by 189 times over the past 70 years because the founding of the People’s Republic the China. It now accounts for 17 percent the the global GDP, repeatedly contributing around 30 percent to an international growth throughout the past 10 years prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under CPC’s leadership, China lifted more than 770 million people from poverty since its reform and opening increase in late 1970s, and for the first time totally eradicated too much poverty in the history of China. According to the people Bank, this figure accounted for more than 70 percent of the worldwide total end the very same period.

The people-centered governance philosophy is the an essential driving force behind CPC’s cause in poor alleviation. “Since that is founding, the CPC has always taken the pleasure of the people and rejuvenation the the nation as that aspiration,” according to a white paper titled poverty Alleviation: China’s Experience and also Contribution exit on April 21, 2021.

As president Xi Jinping asserted at a ceremony noting the centenary the CPC in Beijing on July 1, China has “realized the very first centenary goal of structure a center prosperous culture in all respects.”

“This way that we have actually brought about a historic resolution come the difficulty of absolute poverty in China, and also we are currently marching in i was sure strides toward the second centenary goal of structure China right into a great modern socialist nation in all respects,” chairman Xi said.

China’s success in that is battle against the COVID-19 pandemic is yet one more manifestation that CPC’s people-centered administration philosophy. CPC put people’s life, safety and health over anything else together the unwavering guiding rule of China’s fight against the coronavirus. Chairman Xi repeatedly discussed that saving as plenty of lives as possible, through every possible means, need to be the number one priority.

China embraced a whole-of-nation strategy with swift rollout that stringent and thorough steps to protect against the spread out of the virus. Wuhan to be locked down prior to the classic Spring Festival and over 40,000 clinical workers from across the country pertained to Wuhan and built mobile cabin hospitals in weeks to quarantine and treat COVID-19 patients. Through the people and government in one heart, China effectively had the virus in less than 3 months and reduced the COVID-19 fatality rate.

CPC fan its existence to the people and also legitimized that leadership because it constantly and also persistently put people’s interest above all. “Serving the People” calligraphed through Chairman Mao continues to be the motto and also philosophy the CPC’s governance, since the establishing of People’s Republic the China (PRC) in 1949.

Aerial photograph taken top top July 23, 2019 mirrors a section of Lanzhou-Haikou Expressway in Du’an Yao Autonomous County, southern China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. (Photo/Xinhua)

A party for an international peace and prosperity

CPC’s people-oriented viewpoint is likewise well materialized in China’s international policy and also its proposal on an international governance.

China upholds the UN Charter and also the multilateral institutions which are pillars the the current world order. China recognizes that its expansion has to be realized within the existing international order and has made significant contribution to human being peace. It takes lead in UN peacekeeping by contributing around 15 percent of UN peacekeeping budget and also provides most peacekeepers among five irreversible members of UN security Council.

As the 2nd largest economic situation of the world, China is the key power house of global growth and vital anchor in maintaining human being economic order. During the 2008 an international Financial Crisis, China aided Asia weather the storm v a 4-trillion-yuan economic stimulation package. The world is currently again counting on China in expediting the write-up pandemic economic recovery.

China benefits from globalization and also the multilateral profession regime. China’s mammoth transcontinental development initiative, the Belt and also Road plan (BRI), is its market of global public good as a rising financial power. The is a manifestation that CPC’s people-oriented viewpoint on the an international level.

Through BRI, China hopes to “build a new platform for global co-operation to create brand-new drivers of common development,” claimed President Xi in ~ the 19th CPC nationwide Congress.

According come a 2019 World financial institution study, if completely implemented, BRI carry projects can increase trade between 1.7 and 6.2 percent for the world, increase global real revenue by 0.7 come 2.9 percent and lift 8.7 million world from extreme poverty and 32 million civilization from moderate poverty globally.

A neighborhood with mutual Future for Mankind is China’s ide for an international governance because that a fair, equitable and just global order, constructed upon the heart of openness, inclusiveness, mutual respect and also love for mom Earth. That is China’s answer to the call of the moment of the world beset by a myriad of global challenges and also risks such as terrorism, slow growth, climate change and protectionism.

The concept is a manifestation of China’s international policy goal of peace, equality, breakthrough and win-win cooperation. As the Confucius speak goes: “All guys are brothers in ~ the four seas.” China treats all countries, huge and small, near and afar, together equals.

China’s advancement has been feasible because that the world, and China has added to the world’s development.

“We will job-related to build a new form of worldwide relations and a human community with a shared future, encourage high-quality advance of the Belt and Road Initiative through joint efforts, and also use China’s new achievements in breakthrough to administer the civilization with brand-new opportunities,” president Xi stated at a ceremony noting the centenary of CPC in Beijing ~ above July 1.

The principle of a ar with shared Future for Mankind is hence CPC’s internationalism in the new era through Chinese characteristics, enshrined in CPC’s constitution and included in the preambles of PRC’s constitution.

Aerial photograph taken on Jan. 16, 2019 reflects the Piraeus harbor in Greece. (Photo/Xinhua)

Concluding remarks

China stands high in the human being as CPC celebrates its centennial.

With a per capita GDP the $11,221, China is in ~ the verge of involvement the ranking of high-income culture and that GDP meant to outsize the united state in less than a decade. As China becomes an ext prosperous, more than 150 million Chinese tourists travel anywhere the civilization annually and also hundreds of countless Chinese students attend the ideal schools that parents the other nations can just hope for.

China’s infrastructure, v its ultra-modern high-speed rail crisscrossing the country and also paved roadways linking up the remotest villages, is the envy the the world. That roaring dams and substantial solar farms are developing plentiful of clean energy, together China promised the world that it would achieve carbon neutrality through 2060.

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China leads in 5G an innovation and digital economy. It is at the progressed stage that rolling the end the digital Yuan.

Hence, as China confidently marches towards coming to be an advanced, strong and thriving nation, the Chinese human being have an excellent reasons to song aloud, gratefully: “Without the Communist Party, There would certainly Be No brand-new China.”