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This page has information on exactly how to gain to Kaer Morhen in the game The Witcher 3. Check out on to learn much more information on just how to unlock the Signpost in Kaer Morhen.

How To obtain To Kaer Morhen

There are multiple items and quests that room only accessible in Kaer Morhen which helps you get means stronger. But unfortunately, Kaer Morhen is not easily accessible early top top in the game even if it deserve to be watched on the human being Map because of the lacking Signpost. The faster possible method to walk to Kaer Morhen is by law the key Quest Ugly Baby. This search line immediately brings you within the Kaer Morhen fortress and also unlocks the Kaer Morhen Signpost.

To make this quest available, you must very first finish act I and also talk come the stablemaster in Crow"s Perch. Friend can inspect out our overview on list of quests for more detailed information.

List of Quests

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