The mission the the Wisconsin council on Children and also Families, WCCF or the Council, is to ensure that every son in Wisconsin grows up in a just and also nurturing family and community. The Wisconsin board of directors on Children and also Families was established in 1881 as the Wisconsin Conference ~ above Charities and also Corrections. For well end a century, the company has focused on improving conditions for families and also children through policy change, increased public investments and public education that lead to enhancements in outcomes and practices in the delivery of publicly funded wellness care, education, workforce advance and social services. The the supervisory board is a private, non-profit, non-partisan statewide company with offices in Madison Wisconsin. We have a 12-member staff and operate under the strategy guidance that a statewide board of directors consisted of of representatives of schools, business, regional government, health care, the belief community, the judiciary and also social service organizations. The council is a multi-issue child and also family advocacy organization, giving research, policy analysis, publicly education and advocacy the lead to enhanced outcomes for youngsters in the areas of health, economic security, safety and also education. We think that children need strong voices representing them, and also so space committed to making use of research, policy analysis, and public education to progressive voices to do every kid count.

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Principal Officer

Kenneth Taylor

Co principal Officer

James p Moeser

Main address

555 W Washington way Suite 200

Madison, WI 53703 USA

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Physical Address

555 W Washington path Suite 200

Madison, 53703

Formerly well-known as

WI Conference that Charities and Corrections

WI Conference of social Work

WI Welfare Council

WI board of directors on human being Concerns



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Alliance/Advocacy institutions (R01)

Alliance/Advocacy organizations (R01)

Alliance/Advocacy organizations (R01)

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