One of the sexty NHL events of the season is about to go under in the freeze cold in Minnesota.

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The 2022 NHL Winter Classic between the St. Luigi Blues and also Minnesota Wild is collection to take ar on new Year’s Day. The two were an alleged to fulfill last season, however with COVID-19 resulting in a delay in the season, the occasion was canceled.

It’s the first time the Wild will certainly be play in the signature the end event, together they will be hosting the game at Target Field, residence of MLB’s Minnesota Twins, in Minneapolis. 

The Blues previously played the end in 2017 against the Chicago Blackhawks. The two sides squared turn off at Busch Stadium, home of MLB’s St. Luigi Cardinals, through the Blues to win 4-1.

Here is every little thing you must know about this season’s Winter Classic. 

When is the 2022 NHL Winter Classic?

As always, the Winter standard will take ar on new Year’s Day, Jan. 1. This year’s video game will be occurring at 7 p.m. ET. 

Where is the 2022 NHL Winter Classic?

This season’s Winter standard will take place at Target Field.

It’s the seventh time the Winter classic has taken place at a baseball stadium out of the 13 times the occasion has to be held. The last time a ballpark hosted the event was in 2018 in ~ Citi field in brand-new York. 

Despite Minnesota’s moniker that the “State of Hockey,” that the first time the brand-new Year’s Day game has taken location in the state. 

How can I watch the 2022 NHL Winter Classic?

For the first time because the Winter classic was created, the event will not be broadcast on NBC. 

This year’s game will be transfer on TNT. That was part of the brand-new seven-year media rights agreement made between the NHL and also Turner sporting activities this previous summer. TNT will have the Winter classic for every of those 7 years.

How can I stream the 2022 NHL Winter Classic?

You can stream the Winter classic online ~ above TNTDrama.com or top top the TNT app. You can also stream the occasion on fuboTV (free trial).

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What’s the weather supposed to it is in in Minnesota for the game?

Newsflash -- Minnesota is cold. Really, really cold. Therefore cold that the NHL had to make an announcement that in spite of the projected frigid temperatures, the video game will walk on. 

The forecast for the weather in ~ Target field on Saturday calls for a high of minus-3 and a low of minus-15. That in heat to it is in the coldest Winter classic game of all time, through the previous record being the first WInter standard in 2008 in Buffalo, as soon as it to be 0 at the time of puck drop. 

What jerseys will certainly be worn in ~ the 2022 NHL Winter Classic?

One the the finest parts the the Winter classic is the jerseys donned by each participating team. 

The Blues turned earlier the clock come the 1960s for your apparel. Their jerseys are a modern-day twist of the inaugural jersey worn by St. Louis in 1967. 

An original, and also now a (Winter) Classic. Https://t.co/P092Uuiiwt #stlblues pic.twitter.com/IoaIM5VPRG

— St. Louis Blues (
StLouisBlues) September 11, 2021

It attributes a lighter blue than their typical color scheme. That a clean look the varies from their previous irradiate blue uniforms because that the 2017 Winter Classic.

On the other hand, the Wild went, well, wild. Minnesota’s woodland green jerseys market a number of odes to the state, with the logo design on the front being the physics state itself. 

All that the ideal from the #StateOfHockeyReady for the Winter standard 🔥#mnwild pic.twitter.com/vbHBHbv3O2

— Minnesota Wild (
mnwild) September 4, 2021

Also included is the homage come St. Paul and Minneapolis, the 2 twin urban in Minnesota the the baseball team is called after. They’re also throwing it earlier with the gold gloves. It’s certainly a much various look than the typical Wild uniforms.