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I"m trying to delete a folder as an administrator, yet I gain the message "You call for permission native UserAdam come delete folder". The problem is, ns am logged on together UserAdam! I"ve tried transforming the owner come Administrator to no avail also.


I ran into the very same problem: tried come delete a folder (as admin), but got one error article "You need permissions indigenous MYCOMPUTERAdmin ..." somehow this worked:

I just got in the folder and also deleted every little thing inside. Currently when I try to delete the folder, it functions fine.

Not certain why, but it seems choose you found a comparable solution. However, there"s no should use FileAssassin, just simply highlight the folder contents and delete prefer normal.


I had actually the exact same problem, and I found a fairly simple settle that hasn"t been mentioned yet and probably has the ideal chance that working.

Simply offer full access to "Everyone" in the file"s properties, climate delete it ideal after.

To adjust the file"s access, together administrator: open the context menu and go properties -> security -> Advanced. This should bring up a new window that lists lot of users and their accessibility to the file/folder, especially Everyone. Select Everyone and click edit. In the following menu, choose Full Control, climate click OK.

The document should currently be accessible to everyone- consisting of you- permitting it to it is in deleted.


This operated for me:

Open command prompt together administratorExecute rd /S /Q "P:AthToDirectory"

I acquired no error and my folder was succesfully deleted.


To include some extr detail, in the instance of needing permission from yourself, It"s most likely that you at this time have an application that is using a file/ has a lock on the folder/files inside that will throw one error.

Closing pertinent applications may remedy this, if no a restart will clear all the record locks i beg your pardon might free it.

If no of those things work-related then the ACL permissions top top the folder are more than likely malformed and also corrupted somehow


If you have actually the project open in intuitive Studios, close the end of it and then delete the file.

Had this problem today and didnt see this answer anywhere

I think the a bug or something. When the record is in usage (It"s open up in sublime text or perhaps some other text editors) it won"t say file in use. Instead, it will certainly say girlfriend don"t have actually permission. If you don"t recognize what it"s open up in, logout and also it need to be deletable. (At least that"s what occurred to me)

If girlfriend tried changing the permissions come "everyone" for the folder with the security tab and it tho asks for "myself""s permission, climate there must be records or folders inside this folder whose permissions need to be adjusted too. I just uncovered out this, changed the permissions and now happily turned off the difficult folder.

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One essential "fix" because that this issue which need to be mentioned:

Try rebooting your device first!

In some instances this is capable of resolving user manage issues, where a paper belongs to the present user, yet the existing user is unable to change access or remove the file, because of "Access denied".

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