Her surname is Lovey Nariyoshi, and her Hawai\"i is not the one of leis, pineapple, and Magnum P.I. In the blue collar town of Hilo, top top the huge Island, Lovey and also her eccentric Japanese-American household are in ~ the spare of poverty, in the midst of a tropic paradise. V her endearing, effeminate finest friend Jerry, Lovey sick schoolyard bullies, class warfare, Singer sewing classes, and the how amazing painful work of picking on a macadamia nut plantation, every while do the efforts to discover an identity of she own. At as soon as a bitingly funny satire that haole happiness and a relocating meditation on what is real, if ugly in ~ times, however true, Wild Meat and the Bully Burgers crackles with the language of pidgin--Hawai\"i creolian English--distinguishing one of the most colorful voices in contemporary culture.

Stories from this enduring novel have actually been adjusted into the film Fishbowl, by groundbreaking manager Kayo Hatta.

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$23.00 $21.16
Picador USA
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January 24, 2006
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About the Author

Lois-Ann Yamanaka has created a book of poetry, 3 prior works of fiction, and a young-adult novel. She has actually won a Lannan literature Award and an American book Award. She stays in Honolulu.


\"A rare book--Exuberant, fresh-voiced, rich, crazy and stabbing, comic and also as true-toned together a decision glass taped with a knife.\" --E. Annie Proulx

\"Wild Meat and the Bully Burgers has actually power and charm. A bold and also skillful mix of language . . . belong on the shelf near Maya Angelou\"s I know Why the Caged Bird Sings, and also Toni Morrison\"s The Bluest Eye.\" --Literary supplement Quarterly

\"Yamanaka\"s voice is clear and also distinct, recording the people and events in sensitive and also exciting language. . . . An important and memorable debut.\" --San Francisco Sunday Examiner & Chronicle

\"Yamanaka, true to she poet\"s ear, communicates the luminous dignity the the language . . . . Since of Yamanaka\"s uncompromising skill at evoking the special flavor of Hawaiian life, Lovey, Jerry, Hubert--even no-good Larry--are few of the many vivid personalities to feather off a page in recent memory.\" --Time Out new York

\"Funky and also vibrant . . . A coming-of-age story of exceeding charm.\" --Elle

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