Fans are still mourning the recasting of your favorite vessels on Wicked Tuna: outer Banks. From seasons one v five, five watercrafts conquered the Graveyard the the Atlantic in the search for bluefin prior to disappearing: Fishin’ Frenzy, Reels of Fortune, small Shell, Foolish Pleasures and Doghouse.

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when season six began, four new vessels took to the waters off the shore of phibìc Carolina. Without any kind of explanation concerning the old vessels’ whereabouts, the show continued as if naught was the end of the ordinary. Fans had actually no an option but to expropriate the change and shot to offer the new crews the exact same favoritism they offered the critical ones. However, because that some, it simply left too large of a gaff hole in your hearts.

On Reddit, a brand-new Wicked Tuna: external Banks pan asked show veterans if there to be an explanation for the change. To them, it seemed that simply the three initial southern boats had replacements – no one else. The fan expressed their frustrations on the show’s Subreddit.

“So I started watching evil Tuna Outerbanks top top Disney + and also immediately became obsessed! I simply started season 6 and also am really confused? go anyone understand why they removed all the OG southern boats? I miss out on Frenzy, Reels of Fortune, Doghouse!!” the Wicked Tuna: Outer financial institutions fan wrote.

Others mutual their theories on the show’s abrupt readjust as well as which vessels they tho missed.

“They adjust out watercrafts a lot, usually without explanation. Fishing Frenzy is ago in Season 7,” one user wrote.

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“I heard several of the watercrafts wanted much more money or at the very least the same amount the the northern men were getting,” one more shared.

Meanwhile, a third Reddit user commented that they only truly missed see The Dog home crew in the hunt for bluefin tuna.

Two Vessels returned on Season seven of ‘Wicked Tuna: external Banks’

As among the Reddit users on the object shared, two vessels did, in fact, reappear ~ above season 7 of Wicked Tuna: external Banks. Alongside their brand-new competitors, Little shell and Fishin’ Frenzy came back to the show. Despite it’s still unclear why the two crews essential a season break, fans happily welcomed Captains Nick Gowitzka and also Greg Mayer back into the bluefin bunch.

Still, fans ongoing to consistently see alters to the Wicked Tuna: Outer banks cast transparent the years. Along with the reintroduction of Mayer and Gowitzka’s crews, season 7 was also the critical tuna competition because that vessels favor Tyler McLaughlin’s Pinwheel and fan-favorite captain T.J. Ott’s Hot Tuna.

Despite the alters in cast members, Wicked Tuna: Outer banks never pipeline viewers high and dry once it pertains to excitement. No matter who restrict the waters turn off the coast of phibìc Carolina, it appears that as lengthy as the bluefins are swimming, the display will continue.