Netflix and John Stamos pulled off the best April Fool’s Day joke with an elaborate stunt developing a fake feud.

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Happy April Fool’s Day!

Netflix pulled off the finest joke of the day via a stunt neighboring the release of a trailerfor a “brand-new original documentary unfavor any other “John Stamos: A Human being Being” coming to Netflix April 31.

Unless you’re a hardcore fan of Uncle Jesse you were probably assuming this has to be some type of joke. This couldn’t perhaps be serious and also the tone was as such. If it wasn’t a dead giveamethod that it was an April Fool’s joke, the release day was a dead giveaway.

There is no April 31.

And to take it one action further, Netflix customers experienced points choose “Comedies John Stamos thinks are funny” or “Popular prefer John Stamos remained in high school” and also “John Stamos’s top picks.” once they browsed the site.

A VERY amazing new original documentary unprefer any kind of various other. “John Stamos: A Person, Being” pertains to Netflix April 31

— Netflix US (
netflix) April 1, 2016

So excited about my partnership w
netflix and also our new Docu- Mini.Check out the preview. Full series April 31st.

— John Stamos (
JohnStamos) April 1, 2016

About 4 hrs later People publishes a story in response to a video clip posted on YouTube reflecting Stamos storming right into the Netflix office in Los Angeles and also throwing one profanity after one more after realizing the documentary around his life was an April Fool’s joke.

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“Tell him John f—ing Stamos is here, okay?” Stamos yells. “You desire to make fun of me? My brand? My f—ing brand? My 30 years in showbiz? You want to make fun of me? You’re gonna take the Stamos brand prefer this a—— did and also use it in some stupid gag? That’s bulls—.”

This is DISGUSTING NETFLIX means to safeguard your TALENT

— John Stamos (
JohnStamos) April 1, 2016

Netflix thinks they deserve to make MY BRAND into a JOKE??

— John Stamos (
JohnStamos) April 1, 2016

Netflix concerns a faux-pology in response to the faux-rage from Stamos.

Mr. Stamos is a valued companion of ours & we're working hard to make things ideal.

— Netflix US (
netflix) April 1, 2016

Our deepest apology to
JohnStamos for arguing that a documentary on his life was in some method a joke

— Netflix US (
netflix) April 1, 2016

Video from Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos starts through him addressing the viral video of “the excellent actor” John Stamos and his behavior in reaction to his “wildly inappropriate” habits.

He says he is excited to apologize to Stamos and go forward with the life story and also commit every resource to make certain it’s an international sensation. He apologizes on befifty percent of the entire internet and also promises a documentary about his life.

Then Stamos hands him a item of paper and makes Sarandos say, “And doesn’t’ John Stamos look great?”

That’s exactly how it’s done.Hat pointer to all parties affiliated in pulling this off. Most April Fool’s Day jokes are lame, however this one takes the cake as the ideal joke of the day.

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