There are NFL teams without Cheerleaders, which might surprise some fans. In fact, there are six teams in the league that don’t have actually a cheerleading formation on the field for house games. The cheerleading sector is cut-throat and controversial, to say the least. If the services of gift a cheerleader deserve to lead to more lucrative roles for women, the culture is extreme. Find out what NFL groups don’t have actually cheerleaders and much more with this article below!

What Football teams Don’t have NFL Cheerleaders in 2020

Buffalo BillsChicago BearsCleveland BrownsGreen only PackersNew York GiantsPittsburgh Steelers

Did These 6 Teams ever before Have Cheerleaders in the Past?

Only the brand-new York Giants and Cleveland Browns have actually never had official cheerleaders on your team but had spirit squads end the years. The Buffalo Bills had cheerleaders on your team yet closed the regimen down after a couple of of them sued the group. The Pittsburgh Steelers and also Green bay Packers had cheerleaders up until 1969 and also 1977, respectively. ~ the Chicago bear owner, George Halas, died in 1983, his daughter, Virginia Halas McCaskey, took end the team and did no renew the contract through the cheerleaders.

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Hostile and also Toxic Work environment Charges

Since the start of NFL cheerleaders in the 1950s, cheerleaders have had actually a bumpy roadway with their careers. Some reasons for the controversy are the over-sexualization that the girls, specifically for a male-dominated audience. While the cheerleaders room there to entertain the fans at the games, dressing the girls is too many sexualizing clothing may rotate off some fans.

In addition to your look, numerous cheerleaders have actually filed lawsuits against their teams, which may surprise some fans. Some groups that have had cheerleaders’ lawsuit instances are because of harassment, assault, and pay. Some teams with lawsuits against them include the Oakland Raiders, Tampa just Buccaneers, Buffalo Bills, and new York Jets.

What NFL Teams have Cheerleaders?


Outside of 6 teams that don’t right now use cheerleaders, the rest of the league does. Right here is the finish list in alphabet order that each group that supplies Cheerleaders in your organization.

Atlanta FalconsArizona CardinalsBaltimore RavensCarolina PanthersCincinnati BengalsDallas CowboysDenver BroncosDetroit LionsHouston TexansIndianapolis ColtsJacksonville JaguarsKansas City ChiefsLas las vegas RaidersLos Angeles ChargersLos Angeles RamsMiami DolphinsMinnesota VikingsNew England PatriotsThe brand-new Orleans SaintsNew York JetsPhiladelphia EaglesSan Francisco 49ersSeattle SeahawksTampa only BuccaneersTennessee TitansWashington soccer Team (Redskins)

How much Money execute NFL Cheerleaders Make?


The salary range for cheerleaders is between $20-$75k a year, but multiple factors vary. Some reasons for the wide selection of salaries depend on being a professional NFL Cheerleader or a sustaining Cheerleader. Experience additionally adds more compensation for individual cheerleaders so the a veteran will make much more money than a rookie. Finally, cheerleaders can make an ext money as soon as the NFL team renders the playoffs since they deserve to work much more games.

The hourly breakdown for cheerleaders for all teams is in between $15-$20. On average, cheerleaders have the right to expect to make approximately $500 per game. Salary ranges per game can readjust when the team goes more in-depth in the playoffs, for example.

However, there have been lot of of issues with pay end the years for cheerleaders. Since teams categorize cheerleaders together individual contractors, castle can reduced around specific perks. Because that example, team cheerleaders need to buy their own outfits, which provides being a cheerleader financially stressful. If an outfit i do not care damaged during a game, a cheerleader might be ~ above the ropes come cover the cost, i m sorry is not the instance for NFL players.

When did NFL Cheerleading Begin?

The first official cheer squad for the NFL took ar with the Baltimore Colts in the 1950s. End the years, more teams choose the Dallas Cowboys started incorporating cheerleaders on the field purely because that fan interest purposes. Together the year went by, cheerleaders grew in popular for your sex appeal and also dancing because that a mainly male-dominated viewership. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders thrived in call by performing in the 1976 supervisor Bowl and also at the USO show “America and Her Music” on a USS cruiser in 1983.

How walk Cheerleading change Over the Years?

When NFL Cheerleading began in the 1950s, women had actually long sleeve knitted sweaters, long skirts, and traditional pom-poms on your hands come pump increase the crowd. As an ext teams began incorporating cheerleaders on their field, cheerleaders began designing their attire to complement their soccer team and also the team mascot. Because that example, The Oakland Raiderettes (Oakland Raiders Team) in the 1977 Super bowl had matching colors (White, Black, and also Silver) to enhance the Raiders ~ above the field. Incorporating teams’ color to match cheerleading outfits are likewise trendy because that high school and also college teams.

Do NFL Cheerleaders Travel with the Team?

Cheerleading is a part-time job, therefore they typically don’t travel with the team. Favor the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, some groups will travel with the team when they walk on the road, yet some don’t. Cheerleaders will certainly travel through the team during the playoffs, however.

What do Cheerleaders Do exterior of soccer Games?


Outside of cheering ~ above the residence team at games, cheerleaders aid out at plenty of charity events in cities throughout the year. In addition to the charity events, friend will discover cheerleaders showing up training camp games and also doing photo shoots for marketing material.

Since Cheerleading is a part-time job, many of this team members do other gigs external of the NFL. Part cheerleaders land fashion sector jobs, TV commercials, and movie deals. One of the most well known Ravens cheerleaders come gain added stardom to be Stacy Keibler, that become component of the WWE.

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Conclusion ~ above NFL teams Without Cheerleaders

While Cheerleaders can carry a the majority of excitement to fans of a soccer team, they also have a dark side, i m sorry is why 6 teams don’t usage them anymore. The toxicity workplace environment and assault room two of the most significant reasons why some teams no longer use cheerleaders. In addition to the rectal environment, cheerleaders space paid minimum wage, which has actually caused some concerns in the past. The comes under to what the team would choose to do, and also some teams have adjusted their managing of cheerleaders to make the experience much more positive 보다 it may have been in the past.