Twitter just won't load, or is loading really slowly, in Safari 13.1. I'm running macOS 10.15.4.

I have a very fast broadband connection, and other sites pack really fast, so, it's not the connection.

I only have actually one Safari extension, however I turned that off. No difference.

If ns shut under Safari and restart it, climate Twitter loads fine. For this reason it appears that Safari must have actually some type of memory leak or something the is leading to the problem. I have the right to load Twitter v no problems in Chrome after hrs of use. But after one hour or so in Safari, Twitter stops working.

But TBH, I'm detect that through every update Safari it s okay worse and also worse. On facebook is additionally exceedingly slow in Safari, much quicker in Chrome on the same computer. I've constantly preferred Safari, but it's currently becoming means too frustrating to use every day, so i may have to switch come Chrome, which i loathe come do, but I'm tired with how slow and also buggy Safari has actually become.

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iMac 27", macOS 10.15

posted on might 9, 2020 9:08 am

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Answer: A:

Are girlfriend running any kind of anti - virus programs? making use of a VPN?

Try setting up one more admin user account in system Preferences/Users & teams to check out if the same difficulty continues. Please post earlier on even if it is or not this worked. Also shot the safe Mode. You re welcome post back on whether or no this worked.

Isolating an concern by using one more user account

Safe setting - About.

If it functions in the safe Mode, try running this program when booted normally and also then copy and also paste the output in a reply. The regimen was developed by Etresoft, a regular contributor. Please usage copy and paste as screen shots deserve to be difficult to read. Click “Share Report” switch in the toolbar, pick “Copy come Clipboard” and also then paste right into a reply. This will show what is running on her computer. No an individual information is shown. If the log in won’t post, try posting the in Pastebin and carry out a attach in a reply. After pasting the report in a PasteBin page, walk to the top of the page, and also copy the resolve in the URL bar. Paste that in a brand-new reply. Pastebin.