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I open up my eyesI attempt to view, but I’m blinded by the white lightI can’t remember exactly how, I can’t remember whyI’m lying here tonightAnd I can’t stand the painAnd I can’t make it go awayNo, I can’t stand also the painHow could this take place to me?I've made my mistakesGot nowhere to runThe night goes on as I’m fading awayI’m sick of this lifeI just wanna screamHow might this occur to me?Everybody’s screamingI try to make a sound, yet no one hears meI’m slipping off the edge, I’m hanging by a threadI wanna begin this over againSo I attempt to hold on to a time as soon as nopoint matteredAnd I can’t explain what happenedAnd I can’t erase the things that I've doneNo, I can’t
How might this happen to me?I've made my mistakesGot nowbelow to runThe night goes on as I’m fading awayI’m sick of this lifeI simply wanna screamHow could this occur to me?I've made my mistakesGot nowbelow to runThe night goes on as I’m fading awayI’m sick of this lifeI simply wanna screamHow can this happen to me?
“Untitled (How Could This Happen to Me?) is a song by Canadian rock band also Simple Plan, released as the 3rd single from their second studio album, Still Not Getting Any….

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Lyrically, the song tells a story around a household being torn acomponent by the consequences resulted in from drunk driving.

The music video also mirrors the story of a drunk driver who causes an accident and also kills the driver in the other auto. It reflects the devastation created within the girl’s family members, and the guilt and pain the drunk driver hregarding live with.

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This song is an extremely individual look at what happens as soon as tragedy hits cshed to residence and we wanted to make a video clip that was as powerful and also as unique as the song wregarding the five of us. Over the last few years, many world we understand have actually been involved in tragic accidents brought about by drinking and also driving. One of the students at our high-college cramelted his automobile driving ago from a weekend expedition and also killed his finest friend. It was an extremely sad time that none of us will certainly ever before forgain. This is the story we wanted to tell via this video: the story of all the innocent victims resulted in by drinking and driving. We hope you will certainly take the moment to watch the video. Thanks for all your assistance."

Simple Plan Via Soulshine


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