So around 2 weeks ago I clicked on some YouTube connect and also it totally adjusted my YouTube page. Wont let me watch any videos etc... Looks prefer this I did try altering the link from to but it didn't job-related. Please help.

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Yep, you're on the mobile site; you have the right to use this link to recollection to the desktop computer site (and tell it to maintain that setting). (Ping to /u/gamingfan77; you might find it beneficial to understand that there's a particular attach for it).

Good to know that you proficient it from a video clip attach — that describes just how it happens (I'd guessed that that was the reason before, however nice to view an actual taped case).

I’ve encountered this before, so follow these procedures if you can:

Essentially, Youtube have to be loading you on the mobile-friendly version of the website somehow. If you deserve to manage to discover the settings, you have to have the ability to readjust earlier to the desktop computer layout. Here’s how:

The settings button will certainly look prefer 3 dots in a straight line. Click on it and also it should open a little menu.

Find a button or link labeled “Desktop” or somepoint along those lines, and also that need to acquire back to the desktop layout.

If you can’t execute any type of of those measures, you can also try the extreme option: clearing your browser’s history and cookies. Doing this will certainly erase ALL of your browsing information, so I don’t indicate making use of this option.

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Hoped this helps. Contact me if not.

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