No matter exactly how much developer playtest your games, a an insect or 2 is bound to sneak by. NBA 2K22 has very frustrating bug. As soon as players attempt to boot up NBA 2K22 top top Xbox series X/S, the video game freezes and crashes, sending players ago to the Xbox menu.

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Youtuber Nvad3 has uncovered a way to remedy this infuriating crash. As of now, over there is no official word on the glitch indigenous 2K Games, for this reason this is your just fix for the moment being. To settle the glitch, follow these steps.

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fill up the game.Keep mashing up on the d-pad on your controller.This should enable you to bypass the display screen that is crashing the game. Be careful when navigating the menus as that might crash the game again.

While the issue is frustrating, over there is small else to execute besides waiting for a spot to release that will address the issue and fix it. A fix for this should come promptly as this is a pretty significant bug. Unfortunately, you will have to repeat these actions every time girlfriend launch the game.

Developers spend numerous hours detect bugs and also errors before a game’s release. Yet despite their finest efforts, start periods deserve to still result in some unforeseeable errors. If utilizing the steps over doesn"t seem come work, restart or strength cycle her Xbox and shot again. Regardless of if it works or not, you have to send in a assistance ticket to make the developer aware and hopefully rate up a fix.

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