Geralt Has plenty of Horses In Witcher Season 1: Why space They All dubbed Roach? Geralt"s trusty equine is in reality several various horses transparent The Witcher season 1. Here"s why he calls them all "Roach."

The Witcher Geralt and also Roach Season 1
The Witcher"s Geralt of Rivia doesn"t have plenty of friends, but his most faithful companion is his trusty horse, Roach. There"s just one problem: Geralt has a really long lifespan, and horses have actually a much much shorter lifespan, especially horses the belong to professional monster-hunters. Therefore, while the looks choose Geralt is riding the same equine throughout The Witcher season 1, he"s actually riding several different horses - all referred to as Roach.

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A detail taken from the initial Witcher novels through Andrzej Sapkowski is that Geralt names every one of his steeds Roach. Though Geralt canonically has actually a choice for mares, in The Witcher Roach is played by a male horse called Zeus, whose genitals room digitally gotten rid of in post-production. Zeus plays Roach throughout the show, but The Witcher season 1 starts in 1210 and ends in 1263, so Geralt has likely unable to do through several Roaches between the an initial time we view him and also the last.

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It"s rather strange the Geralt"s best friend (sorry, Jaskier) is a horse, and stranger still the he regularly replaces his ideal friend through another, comparable horse that he gives the very same name. However, it renders sense offered what we know around Geralt - startng v the truth that the doesn"t have a many friends, so being his finest friend is a short bar come clear. As a witcher the is considered an abomination by many of society, and at about 150 years old he has actually probably pertained to regard human lives together fleeting relative to his own. Calling every one of his equines Roach is a method for him to preserve a consistent in his life, also if that consistent occasionally requirements to be replaced. "Roach is much much more than a horse," stated actor Henry Cavill at san Diego Comic-Con 2019. "She"s an anchor come Geralt"s tried and true self, because he gives that surname to every horse he has.... She"s the one access point he needs to humanity."

The Witcher Geralt and also Roach (1)
Geralt doesn"t present much open affection come Roach in the Witcher books. In Baptism the Fire he acquires a new mare and makes a show of deliberating over what to contact her before, that course, stable on Roach. He complains about the badly-behaved animal constantly, threaten to get rid of her and replace her v a donkey, but after his group"s steeds are stolen and then recovered the is rapid to confirm that Roach is OK. Another character calls him the end for hiding a great heart behind a rough outer shell, saying, "You won’t also give up that skittish mare, friend won’t leave her, you i will not ~ exchange she for another, also though you keep threatening to. You no the sort that pipeline others behind." Tragically, that details Roach dies towards the end of Baptism the Fire.

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As because that what Roach"s name means, it"s not a reference to a cockroach however to a common species of tiny fish. In the original Polish editions of the books the equine is called Płotka, the diminutive form of the word płoc, making it more a term of endearment (like phone call the steed "little fish" or "Roachy"). Despite Geralt more than likely didn"t put lot thought into the name, "Roach" go seem to embody exactly how he feels around his horse(s). It indicates that they are common and also not extraordinary, but likewise reveals that Geralt yes, really does care about them... Also if he"d never admit it.