A lot of people didn"t choose Ed Sheeran"s video game of Thrones cameo. Yet he was obtaining plenty of hate even prior to he arrived in Westeros.

His fame--and the backlash--grew as he change from the acoustic pop ballads that his an initial album to the full-on party jams of his 3rd album, ÷, exit in March. The obtained appearance simply pushed the dislike over the edge.

Here"s that talking around the solid reaction over his recent hit "Galway Girl," which because that some factor mixes Irish individual music, pop, and also hip-hop.

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"I’ve actually never felt this lot hate in mine life, but also I’ve never ever felt this lot adoration," the told Q Magazine previously this month. "There’s 2 extremes. It’s actually fairly a dangerous instance to it is in in due to the fact that you’ve obtained no center ground, which i haven’t had actually before. World either f—— hate me and want me come die and never make music again or people think ns the 2nd coming."

Tweet may have actually been deletedTweet may have actually been deleted

What"s walking on here? Why, together my regulating editor would say, all the "Sheeranfreude?"

Maybe it"s his music

At the really least, he"s a an excellent singer. His game of Thrones appearance to be distracting in component because his voice sound so great.

And yes, numerous of his songs are bland, maudlin, and oversaturated v sugary hooks. Yet that explains a many pop music.

Maybe it"s just that civilization are ailing of hearing that on the radio. "Shape that You" is currently number 5 on the Billboard warm 100, and also it"s pretty tough to escape. Yet, the artists over and below him top top the chart, DJ Khaled and also Bruno Mars, don"t accumulate the same amount of animus.

Or people don"t like his face

Ed Sheeran looks like "Rupert green cosplaying Dashboard Confessional." he looks like a "potato." according to Google"s autocomplete, that looks like ... A baby?


You"d think the fact that that doesn"t look choose a male version would it is in a great thing. However somehow, his normal-ness is a strike versus him.


Ed Sheeran acquired pounded because that his "Game of Thrones" cameo and then turned off his Twitter account. Coincidence?Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Still, ns feel favor that doesn"t explain why he inspires so lot hate ...

He"s a "nice guy"

Sheeran it s okay slammed because that being a "nice guy"-- not an actual pretty person, the type of guy who complains ~ above Reddit around getting "friendzoned." In Playboy, writer Chloe Stillwell talks around what she sees together Sheeran"s "toxic masculinity" problem:

When you day an underdog, he’ll gleefully go under on you because that hours and tell friend you’re the ideal sex he’s ever had—until you break up v him, after i m sorry he’ll call you a slut top top Facebook. Hell twist her words come prove you evil and also post pictures with other women ~ above Instagram to obtain your attention. In Ed Sheeran’s case, he’ll create reductive revenge songs that room low-key misogynistic when slurring in interviews about all the females who’ve been kind enough to crap him.

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Michael Tedder from Pitchfork published a comparable rant against Sheeran:

The archetypical Nice man Song often tends to go something favor this: i am a wonderful, sensitive snowflake, noble and pure, but you perform not see this, together you have actually been cheat by this shallow, shallow world and also by what"s his name with the pecs. I am nice and special, and I deserve to have you, and by have actually you i mean have glorious, glorious sex v you, because, again, i am nice and special, and also one day you will view what a dumb bitch you room being, and until then I"ll be waiting appropriate here.

This is a real problem, of course. That sings a lot about how miscellaneous women have actually wronged him, while in ~ the very same time bragging about how basic it was to hook up with among Taylor Swift"s friends.

And then there"s this lame hoax he tweeted in 2012 and also then later on deleted:

"Men acquiring ready is cram on a t shirt, underwear and also jeans. Women, please find out from this, it shouldn"t take an hour come dry your hair."

And if there"s no excuse because that misogyny, it"s not choose he"s the only male artist who"s guilty the this. Replace the words "Ed Sheeran" through "Drake" in the over columns and they tho work.

Yet world seem to have actually a one-of-a-kind hate because that Sheeran ... I m sorry brings united state to man Mayer.

Wait, perform I feeling personally endangered by Ed Sheeran?

I have to admit, ns was guilty that Sheeranfreude. Ns laughed when human being made fun of him for his game of Thrones cameo.

Then I started thinking about why i didn"t prefer him. Ns instantly contrasted him to man Mayer, who"s likewise widely reviled by a huge portion of the internet.

While Sheeran and Mayer have both said disastrous things and make questionable music, the exact same goes for Pitbull, and also I don"t really have actually any solid feelings about him.

There"s something around the sensitive cad -- the hot dude with a man-bun, the man with one acoustic guitar -- the seems specifically threatening.

Maybe the truth that he"s entirely cheesy and still is an ext successful and also popular 보다 I"ll ever before be to win a nerve.