While driving come the bust protect against this morning, my mother and also I experienced an interesting phenomenon – birds, which appeared to it is in grackles, to be circling roughly in the air in a strange pattern. Lock didn’t appear to it is in going after ~ anything in particular, such together food. Lock simply created a tightly packed, sphere-shaped flock and circled over the road ahead that us.

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I have actually seen them execute this before when chasing away an osprey, and also at various other times because that no well-known reason in ~ all. Ns live in southerly Florida. Walk anyone recognize why castle behave choose this?

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some birds (of prey and vultures) circle favor that in one updraft to obtain altitude without much power expended therefore they have the right to then continue soaring around watching because that food.

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Here is a study of the shapes that apricot of starlings assume under different conditions. It finds the compact, spherical flocks take place in the existence of a hefty threat native predators. It’s possible that lock were mindful of a bird of prey that girlfriend didn’t notice.

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I’ve noticed bird doing this once it go not appear to it is in a question of predators and also prey. Because that instance, I provided to walk home past a church v a huge steeple, and also from time to time, together if at a signal, all the sparrows would certainly launch off your perches about the steeple in ~ the exact same moment and circle it 2 or 3 times in a chop cluster and also then clear up right earlier down again. I’ve seen tiny flocks increase up, too, as with a suddenly eddy of pipeline in the fall, a small whirlwind, and spin a couple of times and also then alight. I’ve constantly wondered what the was about.

Birds top top wires—those are good to watch. Once there’s a group of strength lines in tiers across the road, you deserve to watch one bird suddenly decide to move, and also flutter to one more perch, and also then everybody shoves end to make room, and one or two of those drop off and flit come a various perch, and also everybody there moves over, similar to playing piece in part avian game. They keep that up, v lots of little shuffles and also flutters, until everybody is happy and also they all clear up down again. Until one guy decides to move.

I always wonder what prompts that very first move—did somebody make a rude comment or something? did part alpha bird simply decide come assert his place in the spread order?—and what kind of politics are playing out in the rest of it.

And yes, they all do confront the exact same way.

birds fly in circles becaus among their “bird friend” passed away i think thats why they fly in a circle for so plenty of hours

I have actually birds fly in fads for me yet only during certain times and those patterns and feelings enable me come become aware of a suicide, earthquake or other disastrous situation, it is usually the beginning to recognize the prize to whats coming.. There is more depth to all this but that’s the basics come the answer… the takes focus, dedication and also a willingness to view the situation through..

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I have experiences prefer that castle flew in very same place and also they resting in same place too my mommy stated that the bird is trying to tell something us it perhaps a sign, warning, etc.