Why Can't Superman's X-Ray Vision See through Lead? Superman"s X-Ray vision can see through practically anything and anyone - however why can"t this renowned superpower in reality see with lead?

Superman Unused Poster (Henry Cavill) - warmth Vision
Superman"s lengthy list the superpowers provides him one of the strongest heroes in comic publication history. Super strength, flight and also heat vision are simply a couple of of his most noteworthy powers, yet his X-Ray vision is on regular basis overlooked. Providing him the capability to see through wood, cloth, metal and also plastic, it likewise introduces Superman"s other weakness: lead.

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This how amazing limitation has actually led to number of lead-coated traps and contraptions throughout DC Comics history, but it also method fans are likely to never actually stop and ask: just why can"t Superman see with lead, anyway? The prize won"t be what fans expect, however let"s acquire to the answer all the same.

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Needless come say, no superhero or supervillain is going come complain around Superman having another limitation or weakness. He may be vulnerable to Kryptonite, but past that rare mineral, he"s one of the most powerful fictional personalities ever created. X-Ray vision is simply the cherry on optimal of an currently overpowered sundae that includes freeze breath and heat vision! Kal-El"s X-Ray vision in reality predates that warmth vision, as it was his "X-Rays" that he used to burn through metal and also foes in his comic publication beginnings. The wasn"t until the 1960"s the writers began to differentiate in between the two powers.

Superman using his warm vision
Since then, warmth vision has become one the Superman"s foremost powers, while X-Ray vision is more of a joke. In fact, the warm vision was even upgraded as soon as Geoff Johns produced the "Super Flare" superpower in his late-New 52 Superman run in 2015. In the Men that Tomorrow arc, the super Flare created a mushroom-cloud the chaos, demonstrating among the most disastrous uses the Superman"s strength in comic publication history.

So if Superman"s heat vision can blast v lead, why can"t his X-Ray vision see through it? because actual X-Rays can"t either! Superman might have the ability to see color, materials, and other fine details through his X-Ray vision, however actually X-Rays only discern the denseness of the material of what they"re feather at. Command is much too dense for X-Rays come breach, i m sorry is why patients approximately the civilization wear lead vests to protect themselves when obtaining their own X-Rays. Lot like Kryptonite itself, this limitation was produced to store Superman from being all-powerful. If he to be able to see through anything and determine any kind of detail from any type of distance, just how are any kind of of his villains walk to obtain the upper-hand every now and also then?

Superman X-Ray Vision Sight
While it might not be among his go-to superpowers, Superman tho puts his X-Rays to great use now and then. It was featured in Zack Snyder"s Man the Steel and current Superman comic series writer Brian Michael Bendis featured the strength in his Superman: Leviathon climbing #1 title exit in March. In the issue, he was able to see basically every single detail that a battle when looking v the ceiling of a building. Not exactly what X-Rays are qualified of, yet comic books aren"t exactly known for scientific accuracy.

Were Superman come go approximately using his X-Ray vision ~ above anything and also anyone around him, he"d be spreading approximately quite a the majority of radiation. More than enough radiation to cause horrifying ecological and biological damage. For this reason why isn"t over there a comic in i m sorry Superman"s powers are accused that exposing world to radiation? Technically, Watchmen already extended that controversy.

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 But mainly, since comic book physic don"t need to play by the exact same rules as the real world if they don"t great to.. Civilization fly, teleport, litter fire and also magic--and yes, see through virtually every product in the people with your X-Ray vision. Every material except lead.