The agency also announced Audience Network updates, consisting of support for video Ads and Feed Ads in the Audience Network Planner and CPM pricing.

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Beginning this month, advertisers have the right to serve text ads native Spanish ad groups in the U.S. On every devices and publishers, Microsoft declaring announced Tuesday. The firm also announced updates to the Microsoft Audience Network, consisting of support for video clip Ads and Feed Ads in the Audience Network Planner and also the capacity to choose in between CPC or CPM pricing.

Advertisers can set Spanish together the advertisement group language or collection the campaign settings together Spanish and also leave the Language option blank. Image: Microsoft Advertising.

Why we care. there is a huge demographic the Spanish speakers in the united States. Being able to provide your messaging in the right language and also target those individuals may help you expand your reach, which could mean an ext conversions.

Additionally, assistance for video clip and feed Ads in the Audience Network Planner can help you acquire a far better overview of your potential audience when planning your campaigns across much more ad formats. And, CPM pricing is a nice alternative to have for advertisers that space looking to boost their reach and brand awareness.

Spanish language ads. Any project that has Spanish selected as the language can now serve in the unified States. Spanish language ads serve once the user self-identifies as Spanish-speaking or the ask is in Spanish.

Microsoft available the complying with recommendations because that advertisers just beginning out v Spanish language ads:

Separate your Spanish and English ad copies right into different advertisement groups and choose the corresponding language in ~ the advertisement group level.Create Spanish expansions for her Spanish ad group.Bid rise for your Spanish ad groups, or have actually a higher base bid, so that your Spanish advertisement can be shown over her English ad.

For branded campaigns, Microsoft recommends maintaining the exact same keywords in both ad groups. Because that non-branded campaigns, the company recommended selecting the appropropriate keywords for each corresponding advertisement group. All various other settings (automated bidding, targeting, etc.) must be kept the same.

Audience Network Planner extends assistance to video clip and feeding Ads. In enhancement to image Ads, the Audience Network Planner currently supports video Ads and Feed Ads as well.

CPM pricing is currently available.

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first announced in October, advertisers on the Microsoft Audience Network can now point out a maximum quantity they’re willing to pay every 1,000 impressions (CPM). CPC pricing continues to be available, should you want to switch in between the two bidding strategies.

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