One that Kansas’s an initial acoustic etc songs, the iconic and also wistful Dust in the Wind peaked in ~ #6 on the Billboard hot 100 the mainly of April 22, 1978, making it Kansas" only top ten Billboard hot 100 charting single.

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The guitar track comes from two guitarists playing six-string guitars in unison, one in traditional tuning and the other in Nashville tuning, to develop a chimey sound similar to a twelve-string guitar.

Nashville tuning renders a 6-string etc sound a little bit like a 12-string guitar. In Nashville tuning, strings 1 & 2 (E and B) room left standard however strings 4 through 6 room each tuned a finish octave higher than usual.

I was humming the line together with this fingerpicking exercise, and 15 minutes later on I had a song

You deserve to see exactly how this adds stress and anxiety to these strings, for this reason the only real way to achieve it is to actually change strings 4 through 6 with lighter gauge strings. Frequently the lighter gauge octave strings from a 12-string set are provided for this purpose.

“One day ns was sitting at house in in between tours, and my wife heard me law this acoustic fingerpicking bit. She said, ‘That sound really nice, You need to make it right into a song.’ i said, ‘Nah, it’s just an exercise.’

“I was analysis a publication of American Indian poetry in ~ the time, and also happened to come throughout this line: ‘All we space is dust in the wind.’ It yes, really struck me and stuck with me. I was humming the line together with this fingerpicking exercise, and also 15 minutes later on I had actually a song. I placed it under on a small four-track analog ice cream recorder and took it to a rehearsal.

“When ns played it because that the band, there was stunned silence. Occasionally the things that take place out the a an easy inspiration room far much more enduring than something you can labor end endlessly.”


Acoustic country is written by Laura B. Whitmore, a music market marketing veteran, music journalist and editor, that has contributed to, guitar World, and others. She has actually interviewed numerous musicians and hosts the She Rocks Podcast. Together the founder of the Women’s global Music Network, she proponents for females in the music industry and produces the yearly She Rocks Awards. She is the senior Vice president of Marketing for positive Grid, do the world safe because that guitar exploration everywhere! A guitarist and singer/songwriter, Laura is at this time co-writing one album of popular music songs that empower and also energize girls.

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